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Dioxyme Supplements are a Lifesaver

By Audrey Rock

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/20/19 – Running a publication is no easy feat. I find myself sometimes forgetting important tasks, or small details in the rush of getting the latest articles published.


So when Dioxyme reached out to me with some samples, I was more than a little intrigued.  The products are developed by physicians, for athletes. But an editor surely has an athletic amount of stress, I reasoned.  Besides, one doesn’t have to be a professional athlete to appreciate the perfection of a product that clearly produces results in people who build their lives around physical perfection.

So  I incorporated their Brain Dietary supplement, (which claims to dramatically improve focus, memory, and even energy) into my daily intake.


And the results took me back. The simplest explanation for the changes that took place, is that I felt I had more brain power. It wasn’t so much that I remembered the important things—I also seemed to have the presence of mind to adjust my levels of stress, which simply made organization a breeze. That in itself is instrumental in making sure a person remembers what they need to.

Since I felt so much better about everything, my confidence boosted, and I took on even more work. Perhaps this is where their claims of “increased energy” come from. My mind did, in fact feel clearer and more grounded in the present. What must be done “now,” so that stress down the line is mitigated, or even eliminated.

The San Marcos, CA based company was also kind enough to send me their Total Tone Protein For Beauty formula. This one was a little more difficult for me to measure. But again, the confidence of having a clear mind and tasks in order can’t help but boost your confidence in every way. When you feel good, well…you look good.

So whether it was the groundwork of the Brain formula, or the magic of the Total Tone formula, I’ve felt great since Dioxyme sent me these remarkable supplements.


And that’s something an overextended editor can surely appreciate, every day.

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