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DIFF makes a Difference! 

By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/24/23 – Anything is possible for creatives submitting their projects to the 2023 DaVinci International Film Festival that will convene at The Grove in Los Angeles from October 20-22. Founded in 2017, and with a lineup of over 100 projects during the sixth installment of the festival, hopeful film makers will have the opportunity to see their hard work on the big screen in front of peers and decision makers of the industry. 

Chadwick Pelletier

Founder of the DaVinci International Film Festival (DIFF) Chadwick Pelletier promises this year’s film festival will be one for the record books. He discloses, “This year, DIFF will feature a robust program of screenings, panels, special events, and a few surprises.” Home to the Leo Awards, emerging filmmakers, writers and animators will take part in a chance to win the prestigious award in their respective categories- Feature, Short, Ultra-Short, Documentary, Animation and Screenplay. These life changing awards for aspiring creatives can change the trajectory of many forthcoming careers and will inevitably be a part of the next phase of media. 

At DIFF, the possibilities are endless. Eloquently stated, Pelletier shares, “At the core, creativity is subjective, beautiful, and is realized by visionaries who color outside the lines and invite us into brilliant, complicated worlds.  At DaVinci, we set out to honor these creatives who explore new possibilities in delivering story — on paper and on screen. This is what makes our theme this year so very powerful.”

This October be sure not to miss the anticipated DaVinci International Film Festival at the AMC Theatres at The Grove. For more information, visit davincifilmfestival.com.