By Jules Lavallee  

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/09/2020 –  Iconic four-time Grammy Award Winner and 12-time Grammy Nominee, Deniece Williams enjoying an amazing and versatile five-decade career is enjoying sweet success with her new single, When You Love Somebody from the forthcoming album release, Gemini.

THT: You’ve had an illustrious career of performing with musical legends Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mathis, Minnie Riperton, and Roberta Flack. Tell us about working with these wonderful people. 

Deniece Williams: Stevie Wonder: We would go on stage to perform with Stevie and suddenly he’d start writing a new song and we’d have to jump in quickly and act as though we knew the song so he taught me how to move with the flow of creativity.

Johnny Mathis: he taught me that no matter how successful you become stay humble, he taught me humility.

Minnie Riperton: she taught me that singing with the birds is fun!

Roberta Flack: taught me that everyone in your band or group is so important and to treat them as such.

During the recent Black Lives Matter Protests, veteran music writer Chuck Arnold of the New York Post selected your song, Black Butterfly as one of the Top 10 Black Empowerment Songs of All Time. What is it about your song that resonates with the heart and souls of others? 

Deniece Williams

When I first heard Black Butterfly I knew that I had to sing that song. I sent such an incredible pull on my heart. It thought about my grandparents and all that they had gone through. I thought about my parents and the injustices they had experienced; I thought about my upbringing in Indiana, a Jim Crow state. I thought about my four sons and what they would go through as young black men. Almost 30-40 years later I am honored that the message is still relevant today (unfortunately) as it was then!

Tell us about your highly-anticipated new album, Gemini. 

My new project is entitled Gemini. It’s an overview of who I am as an artist. It has R & B, POP/GOSPEL and JAZZ songs on it. It truly encompasses who I am as an artist.

Your new single, When you Love Somebody, is a happy upbeat song celebrating love and is quickly climbing up the charts at radio stations throughout the nation. Why is this song a favorite for fans? 

I believe that we need something “upbeat and positive” at this moment. We’re in a strange place now not only in the United States but in the world itself. I choose to put a smile and your face and cause you to dance and to love more and I believe people feel that or want to feel that when they hear When You Love Somebody!

Deniece Williams

You are a trailblazer as you engage LIVE with your  200,000+ followers on your Facebook page Jules and Instagram @niecyofficial and DenieceWilliams.com. What do you enjoy the most about social media? Why is it so important to be close to the fans in social media? 

Social media is incredible. My generation didn’t grow up with it but we have recognized the importance of it and the importance of staying in touch with our fans especially during this time when we aren’t touring. The thing I enjoy the most is the little hearts that go up when I’m visiting with them. It’s so cute!!!

I would like to tell the younger generation to educate yourself. Education is so important! Study your craft and protect it. I don’t have a college degree but I studied the women that had gone before me and gleaned a great deal of wealthy information from their lives and styles. Be a lady; take pride in yourself. Love yourself because if you don’t you’ll never be able to love somebody. And as Annie always says “tomorrow is only a day away!”

Deniece Williams

What do you want your legacy to be? 

My legacy: Four sons and their families; an incredible career and the love given to me and shared with many people!