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David Tucker Releases Debut Single “Lyin’”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 26, 2021) – Newcomer David Tucker released his catchy debut single “Lyin’,” today. The talented Kentucky native believes that love is worth all the good and the bad in his new song, exclusively premiered by American Songwriter earlier this week. As long as the person is lying next to him at the end of the day, Tucker is willing to let love prevail and accept them for who they are, good and bad. Yesterday, CMT.com premiered the music video for “Lyin’” as well. Watch the music video here and listen to “Lyin’” here.

“These songs are the stories of my life the past few years. It’s an amazing feeling to finally put them out into the world. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people who helped me bring this vision to life and for all the love and support along the way. I’m fired up for the world to hear this music,” says Tucker.

David Tucker (Photo: Doltyn Snedden)

“The guitar-driven pop-leaning country jam is a mood-elevating entrance to his artistry. Following the pandemic’s trials and tribulations, Tucker steps out with an energetic message that establishes him as a peer among his audience.” – Madeline Crone, American Songwriter

“Newcomer David Tucker’s debut “Lyin’” is a catchy pop-country track about a guy so in love with someone that he’s willing to overlook some potential red flags in the relationship.” – Jessica Nicholson, CMT.com

Although a new name to most, Tucker has been paving the way for himself ever since he moved to Nashville by spending his nights writing and honing his craft, while he helped build the city as a welder during the day. Now ready to release his music, Tucker draws on his influences of 90’s Country and Gospel as well as Rap and Rock & Roll to create his modern Country sound used to tell his story of the past few years. Tucker’s career is just beginning and will be at the top of the charts in no time.

About David Tucker

David Tucker (Photo: Doltyn Snedden)

As the city of Nashville has grown, David Tucker’s boots have been on the ground in more ways than one. By day he’s worked as a welder, building the new skyscrapers that define the skyline; by night he’s been writing, performing in town and honing his craft. He has diversified his skills, rounding himself out as an all-around musician by writing, singing, and playing guitar, bass, drums and piano, amongst others, while also applying his artist’s ear by co-writing and producing projects for others. David grew up in Augusta, Kentucky, where his love for music was cultivated by singing in his fathers church. After building a following in his home state, the momentum of his music led him to Nashville, where he’s since paid his dues performing in venues from local hotspots to CMA stages. In a time when live music has been put on hold, David has been crafting a new musical vision for himself, grounded in his Kentucky roots and upbringing. His new songs shine a light on country music as a truth-telling force. His sound and the impression he makes are both relatable and memorable for his fans. Experiencing David’s music, you’ll hear love, heartache, records spinning and candles burning. His songs share real truths from his own life and those of his collaborators on their journeys through love, music, Nashville and more. David faces his challenges and determination for a music career head-on, with an affirmative attitude grounded in faith and service to others. From helping neighbors in need, to funding cancer research through his board membership of Scott Hamilton’s CARES Foundation, giving back to his community is a priority. David’s debut project, to be released throughout 2021, follows the experiences and insights of his life’s journey through the past few years, wrapped in his own modern country sound. Drawing from influences from 90’s country and gospel, to rap to rock & roll, his diverse background makes this his most authentic music yet.