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David Jones, “In My Opinion” (IMO) with David On Air 

David Jones

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/19/19 –  


Share your background.

David Jones: My undergrad is in Computer Science, and my primary occupation is helping customers create and implement data management solutions for large volumes of information. I have 3 beautiful intelligent, talented children who support, motivate and inspire me to be the best version of myself. Also, 4 siblings, parents and a fiancé who all positively contribute to my success and will to succeed. Growing up and living in Atlanta, I’ve witnessed firsthand the explosive growth and opportunity the movie/entertainment industry has presented us. I’ve worked on numerous projects in small uncredited roles and decided to focus my time talent and resources on building a media platform that connects us in meaningful, impactful ways. I have a natural curiosity of all things, so I consume information, facts, details and all manner of meaningless trivia facts. From sports to religion to politics, I have an understanding of most current events and take pride in being knowledgeable on many topics/subjects.


When did your love for entertainment begin?

David Jones: For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved entertaining and have worked on progressive improvement. From a self-labeled “class clown” who practiced one-liners before class, to involvement in puppet shows at church, entertainment has always been a core part of my personality. Entertainment takes a different definition, tone, and meaning, depending on your audience. My grandmother, for instance, was entertained by my prank calls and was always a willing participant. Entertainment has the power to change moods, brighten days, or shorten the hours in an otherwise boring day.

Who inspires you?

David Jones: My mom and single working mothers in general. Regardless of how much credit mothers get, it will never fully qualify and will always fall short of what they deserve. Mothers are the original Swiss Army-knife of life. Nurturers, educators, I am so thankful and in constant awe of the women in my life. They effortlessly manage professional lives, in addition to home life in ways we (guys) will never truly understand. Whatever success or achievements I accomplish is 100% the result of my mom and women like her.


How has your passion for politics, social justice initiatives, and though-based intellectual discussions influenced your decision to launch your show, In My Opinion (IMO) with David On Air?

David Jones: All those played a huge role, along with the desire to pursue entrepreneurship as well as provide a platform where every voice mattered. I think it’s important to discuss politics, race, sex, religion – many things some people consider off-limits. Having open discussions and dialog about sensitive issues is a necessary step in building bridges and embracing differences. In my opinion, politics is the driving force of change, we all have a responsibility to vote, understand/research the issues at stake, and how the results will affect us. Social injustice hits home for me because its something I and those around me deal with daily, it’s not like a garment you can conveniently discard when it’s old or no longer fits. I doubt all our socio-economic issues will be resolved in my lifetime, but I can do my part to further the cause and so can you. Thought-based intellectual discussions are essentially important to combat group-think, I always toe the line in order to push the imagination and expose consumers to something they may not have previously considered by offering logical arguments and facts to support my opinions.


What is your approach to media? What makes you unique?

David Jones: My approach is “everyone has a fascinating story and an opinion, this is mine, what’s yours?” People are magical, fascinating, courageous, intimidating – I absolutely love delving into understanding what motivates a person or makes them love or hate. I’m unique in my ability to narrate a compelling story, to generate an idea or concept and breathe life so it’s tangible. Make words sing in analog or digital, to construct a symphony of words and phrases that comprise a fascinating story. I see things as I see them, that is my uniqueness, I am my uniqueness.


Share your experience with poetry and voice-overs.

David Jones: My first voiceover was for a coworker in broadcasting school way back in 2005, we won the $50 grand prize from the sponsor, Pepsi. Poetry is deep and personal and requires a level of creativity and honesty to write. I hope to publish a chapbook within the next two years to share some of my life experiences expressed through poetry.

Tell us about your show, “In My Opinion.”

David Jones: The concept came from many years of entertaining debates with relatives and friends on social media. I take pride in being comfortable in expressing my perspective even when it’s unpopular, and being able to clearly articulate my convictions and stance on certain issues. The best debates occur when you have a respectable exchange of ideas, concepts or thoughts and are able to learn and grow from a differing opinion.

What will people notice first about working with you?

David Jones: I love what I do and am passionate about sharing your talents with an audience just as passionate as I am. I invest time and resources in preparing content that showcases your talent and promotes your agenda.

Are there particular topics of interest coming up on your program? Politics is a constantly unfolding real-life drama with major implications swinging in the balance with the next election. We will continue to make politics a focal point for upcoming engagements. Love and relationships are also a staple of the show, it’s always exciting to get that level of personal insight from guests and explore how we handle giving and receiving love/attention/affection.

Share a personal story that will resonate with your audience.

David Jones: My first real experience in radio was co-hosting a local show. After a few months, I realized that I wasn’t learning and subsequently growing, so I made the hard decision to blaze my own path. Sometimes when opportunities aren’t available, it’s ok to venture out and try something new, sometimes life’s best lessons come from failures.

Describe your show in one sentence. 

David Jones: Opinions, Compelling Guests, Current Events.

How does your show differ from others?

David Jones:  My show differs in its ability to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for each show and each guest. It’s important that guests of the show feel comfortable, prepared and engaged in the discussion. Those are key ingredients for a successful show or general digital content. When the host and guests are both in sync it creates a genuinely charged environment that is transparent to viewers and listeners.

Do you have any other thoughts?

David Jones:  I want to leave my imprint and inspire others and I see my media platform as a great opportunity to do both.

 FB: Davidonairdotcom

 IG: davidonair77

 Twitter: Davidonair1