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Danielle Nicole Enright of ABRAU: Celebrity Clientele’s Favorite Designs

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/28/22 – Starting out as an Artisan Jeweler and Designer specializing in loomed cuff bracelets, Danielle Nicole Enright moved on to lead her own female empowerment brand, ABRAU, adding curated fine jewelry pieces and expanding worldwide and celebrity clientele. ABRAU is proud to be considered a “Pay it Forward Company”, donating a portion of her proceeds to numerous local and national non-profits. 
Since 2011, ABRAU has been included in gift bags for the Academy Awards and has been worn on celebrities and on the silver screen. You can see Danielle’s pieces worn on TV shows like, The Vampire Diaries, The Voice, The Young and the Restless, and most recently her pyrite necklace was chosen as a season staple on Law & Order Organized Crime. Her jewelry has also been spotted in magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, and Condé Nast Traveler. 
Please tell us about your female empowerment brand, ABRAU. 
I started making jewelry in 2011, after losing my career in the legal field. What started as a hobby and as a way to cope with this huge loss, has grown into a global jewelry brand named ABRAU (pronounced uh-bray-you). My brand empowers women by using mantras, symbolism, and/or using healing gemstones in my designs.
I encourage women to use my jewelry as they would use a worry stone and as daily reminders that they are amazing and powerful. I share hardships that I’ve experienced in my own life on Instagram that women can relate to, as well as spend my free time mentoring women on how to turn their creative hobbies into thriving businesses.
You have a roster of celebrity clientele. Tell us about the celebrities you are working with and their favorite designs.
Seal Team (Alona Tal)

I have worked with many celebrity clients and wardrobe stylists over the years, directly and through a group called The Artisan Group. I was excited to have recently sent my Moon and Pyrite Lariat necklace to Drew Barrymore, my ‘Live Lightly’ Fine Silver Hand-Woven Feather Bracelet to Jennifer Garner, and my Shoulder-Grazing Beaded Gold Bar Earrings to Kelly Clarkson. Actress Stephanie Drapeau sent me a personal message stating that the custom brass and labradorite gemstone earrings that I made for her are “majestic,” Allison Siko of Law & Order stated in her Instagram Story that she “loves wearing ABRAU,” Actress Kerry Britt enjoys wearing my long Acceptance Druzy Gold-Edged Necklace and my Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace.

I also work with some amazing models and influencers on Instagram daily. Destiny Hunter (@_daughternature) has stated that she loves that she can layer my minimalist designs and that she can wear my jewelry with anything. ABRAU’s Gold-Filled Paperclip Chain, Padlock Necklace, 24K Gold Vermeil Triangle Earrings, Gold Flower Stamped 5 Necklace, and Adjustable Bar Ring are just a few of ABRAU’s pieces that Destiny has been spotted wearing in her professional photoshoots. 
Since 2011, ABRAU has been included in gift bags for the Academy Awards and has been worn on celebrities and on the silver screen. Share a few memorable moments.
It’s so exciting to send my jewelry to award show events! My cuffs were in the press swag bags for the Golden Globes back in 2014. This year—prior to it being canceled—I was invited to display my jewelry at a luxury event in Hollywood honoring all of the Grammy Winners and Nominees. They were going to go home with my “Through” necklace in their swag bags. 
 I was especially excited for this event because much of my jewelry is inspired by song lyrics. You can also see my jewelry worn on several popular TV shows like, The Voice, The Vampire Diaries, Law & Order SVU, their new spin-off series Law & Order Organized Crime and The Young & The Restless. I’m excited to release the name of another TV show that just used my Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Bezeled Necklace on a popular character.  You can also see my jewelry worn in past issues of Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveler and Organic Spa Magazine.
ABRAU is well-known as a “Pay it Forward Company.” Tell us more.
Since I started ABRAU, one of my core missions has been to pay it forward. I either donate my jewelry for silent auctions or I give a portion of my proceeds to several local Vermont and National Charities. Some of the non-profits that I’ve given to include: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer; Black Lives Matter; Hunger-Free Vermont; Make-A-Wish Foundation; North Country Animal League; The Jennifer Riordan Foundation and the UVM Children’s Hospital, to name a few.
What can we find at ABRAU?
My heirloom-quality jewelry straddles the line between modern minimalism and earthy elegance, but what really sets my brand apart is the symbolism that I attach to each piece. My designs are inspired by obstacles that I’ve overcome, music lyrics or poetry that move me, and symbols and mantras that I use daily. My jewelry is meant to be worn with the symbol or mantra in mind to help my customer in their own lives.  For instance, the “Through” necklace that I created for the Grammy’s is a hand-forged circle with the chain running through the middle of it. It represents the idea that there are no shortcuts in life and that in order to conquer any fear, challenge, emotion, or obstacle you have to go through it, “the only way out is through.”
You recently were honored with the “Most Impactful Business Award” by DotCom Magazine. What does this mean to you? How have you grown as an entrepreneur? 
I was so honored to have received the “Most Impactful Business Award” from DotCom Magazine! Since becoming my own boss, so to speak, I don’t have anyone else motivating me or giving me a pat on the back to say, “Hey great job today, Danielle”. Getting an award or recognition from someone else, especially someone as reputable as Andy Jacob who interviews so many successful entrepreneurs daily, feels really gratifying. It reminds me that what I do matters and it gives me extra motivation to work even harder.
I’ve learned as an entrepreneur that it’s not a 9-5 job, but a 24/7 job. I’ve learned that in order to be successful you have to believe so wholeheartedly in your mission that nothing can stand in your way. I’ve learned that when your mission, your values, your purpose, and your drive align, the path becomes much easier. I’ve also found myself through my work and I feel extremely grateful for that.
What excites you the most about your brand?
Since starting my brand, every single day has become so exciting! I never know what new opportunity is going to be presented to me and I remain open and optimistic about the future growth of my company.
What can we expect to see from ABRAU in 2022?
I’m constantly dreaming of new designs and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I will be releasing a new collection of love-inspired pieces. This month, I’ll be featured on another podcast called Vermont Viewpoint where I’ll speak about being a female entrepreneur in the small state of Vermont. I’ve submitted some new designs to several wardrobe stylists that I hope will be placed on some new popular television shows. I’ve been contacted by several amazing businesswomen who want to collaborate and network with me. The most exciting prospect is working directly with a wardrobe stylist for a Hollywood movie and providing the entire movie cast with a collection of my jewelry.