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Dandrell Scott, Rapper, Comedian, and Actor 

Dandrell Scott

By Jules Lavallee  

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/10/2020 – Dandrell Scott is a rapper, comedian, animator, and actor, best known for his role as Mitchell Adams on NBC’s Chicago P.D. He’s also had guest starring roles on Showtime’s The Chi and Security Detail. In 2020, Scott became the official announcer for Wendy’s, and the host of their podcast, “Sir, This is a Wendy’s Podcast.” In 2017, Scott won the “Outstanding Up and Comer Actor” from the Hollywood International Golden Film Awards.

You are best known for your role as Mitchell Adams on NBC’s Chicago P.D” What do you enjoy most about this role? 

Chicago P.D. was my first television credit. So, playing the role of Mitchell Adams was exciting on-and-off camera. What I enjoyed most about Mitchell was the opportunity to play a dramatic role. As a comedian, people rarely take me seriously. But I got a chance to show my acting abilities with this character.

Dandrell Scott

You’ve had guest-starring roles in Showtime’s The Chi and Security Detail. Was there any synergy in these roles? What do you look for in a role? 

Those particular roles were great because they drove the storyline. The Chi has become a favorite amongst drama enthusiasts, and I was excited to be a part of that legacy. There are several things I look for in a role. For one, I have to be able to connect with the character in some way. That connection can take place through thoughts, past experiences, or language. Secondly, my character has to impact the story. I want him to say or do something that changes the dynamics of everything around him.

Dandrell Scott

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

The fact that I’m a quiet person lol. In this industry, entertainers are expected to want the spotlight at all times. However, I’m the opposite. Do I enjoy being the life of the party occasionally? Sure, but that lifestyle can be exhausting. I’d much rather be an observer.

You have a diverse background. You are a rapper, comedian, and animator. Have you brought these creative talents to the screen? 

I believe my skills as an animator and comedian have been seen in films so far. I created the animated feature film, Bizarre Man: The Jingle Bell Battle, which debuted at the River North Chicago AMC theater. But I’ve also showcased my comedic talents through various short films like, Parked and Try My Luck. I’m still searching for a role where I can display my rapping abilities.

What role would challenge you? 

A biographical role would be the most challenging. Just the concept of portraying a well-known or historical figure would be exciting. But there’s a certain level of research and dedication needed to embody that person. You have to study things like dialect, mannerisms, and thought patterns in order to give a great performance. In my opinion, biographical roles can take years to undergo, but I’m ready for those challenges.

Tell us about being the official announcer for Wendy’s, and the host of their podcast, “Sir, This is a Wendy’s Podcast.” Why did you decide to take on this project?

Well, before I was an actor on television, I was a voice actor for several commercials. I’ve recorded for Ford, Comcast, and Walmart respectively. During 2019, Wendy’s contacted my agency, in the attempts of finding a new announcer. They were gearing up for their new breakfast menu and wanted an energetic personality to carry the campaign. At first, I was hired to record specific demos, which are examples of what the commercials would look and sound like. After several months of recording Wendy’s demos, they offered me the official AVO job. As part of their customer engagement, they also started the “Sir, This is a Wendy’s Podcast.” This particular podcast allows Wendy’s to speak to their customers directly, with no middle man. Obviously, they wanted to place me in this new engagement because the audience resonates with my voice. I had no reservations about taking these deals. Actors love consistent work. And commercials are like TV shows now lol. You’re a part of a quick story that’s aired to millions of people. What better way to make a living?

Dandrell Scott

What’s next for you? 

I’m currently working on new hip hop music. In the past, I’ve infused comedy with rap to make lighthearted songs. But now, I’m creating tracks with serious hip hop undertones. I’m showing off my true rapping abilities, with hip hop legends like Twista and Bun B. In regards to voiceovers, we just finished a new holiday campaign for Wendy’s. I really like those commercials, and I think people will enjoy them (or at least get hungry watching them lol). As far as television, I just landed a role on a popular NBC show. I can’t say what the role is at this moment, but we are safely gearing up to shoot this Fall.

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