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Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS) – Cultivating that Edge that gets Clients on fire for life with Coach and Speaker, Craig Landon Siegel

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/12/2020 –  Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a play on Craig’s initials, Craig Landon Siegel. Born and raised in New York, Craig started on Wall Street. He built businesses of his own from the ground up with no prior experience into massive juggernauts that became extremely successful but he remained unfulfilled and craved something deeper. Sound familiar? Craig is now helping clients manufacture BIG breakthroughs. From NLP practitioners, experts and coaches, Craig’s proven system, Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS) is changing lives on a global scale. “When things change inside you, things change around you.”- Craig Landon Siegel


You left an 8-figure salary to start a coaching business. Share your background. 

My background consists of a combination of Finance and Entrepreneurship. Although I landed on Wall Street after college, Entrepreneurship and my creativity were always lurking close behind. Eventually, I left Wall Street and started another business in a new industry. Although challenging and lucrative as well, it was missing one key component, it didn’t set my soul on fire. What does it for me is as follows, helping people understand and fulfill their potential. So when the pandemic happened, I went all-in with my purpose to help people. I combined that with my Entrepreneurial spirit and I began what the world would now know as Cultivate Lasting Symphony, and the rest as they say, is history.


“People are often not broken; their frames are.” What does this mean to you? 

You see it’s simple. Most of us deep down inside are diamonds. We just need a little polishing. Let me explain. A person’s map of the world or frame if you will, is not the world itself. It’s the way that they see their world and as a result, they experience the world based upon their map and frame. Now, when I alter their frame, where they once saw limitations, now they see possibilities. Someone’s frame can be corrupted and it can also be fixed. So the person is not broken, their perspective is.

Share the failures that led you to become a successful Entrepreneur. 

Early on in my career, I took failure personally. I allowed failure to lower my state and my confidence. Soon I realized that when you truly live life, failure is inevitable. And so I had many failures in business. In addition, when I ran my first two marathons, I failed to break four hours which was a goal I would conquer on my third try. I don’t shy away from failure because my thought process is this, you can fail at something you hate. You might as well fail at something you love. But here’s the kicker, maybe you’ll fly. So I took this mentality when I started CLS and although I’m absolutely prepared to embrace any failure that comes along with this journey, I can humbly say, I have not failed yet with CLS. However, if and when I do, I promise you this, I will learn, I will grow, and I will evolve. I will use failure to my advantage.


Tell us about Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS). 

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a movement. It represents hope, faith, transformation, and progress. Ironically enough, even though it’s a play on my initials, CLS, it was never about Craig. It is about spreading a light so bright, other planets see it. It represents manufacturing breakthroughs in all facets of life. It’s about getting that edge that lasts forever. Simply put, Cultivate Lasting Symphony is about getting on absolute fire for life.


What strategies are you offering to coaches that can instill a bulletproof mindset? 

In the beginning of our sold-out Moonshot Masterpiece Experience program, we teach two very pivotal mindset superpowers. Modeling and anchoring. There I said it. The cat’s out of the bag. Modeling and anchoring will revamp your entire DNA. It will give you access to elevating your state in addition to a whole new level of confidence. Thus, making your mindset bulletproof.


Tell us about the Moonshot Masterpiece Experience.   

Wouldn’t you like to know. All kidding aside, first and foremost, it is indeed an experience. I tell all my clients when we begin on this journey, prepare to step out of your comfort zone. Prepare to dive deep, get weird, have fun, most importantly, commit. You see the thing about the Moonshot Masterpiece Experience is this, we will cultivate lasting symphony. None of these five steps forward, ten steps backward temporary solution type of programs that are out there. We are not trying to put a bandaid on an old wound. We are rewiring your outlook on the world so you can experience a whole different life of abundance and opportunity. Life’s too short not to try. By revamping someone’s mindset, we alter their perspective for life. The results are staggering.

How are you helping clients to become the creator of their lives?

Ownership and accountability. But most importantly, through my mindset revamping and perspective adjustments. We identify each client’s passion in life. We put together a strategy, we expand their mental map of the world, and we begin to execute and as a result, clients are living life on their terms. We remove the shackles that held them back and we give them access to their own power. Then we show them how to use it. Then they fly.

Why Seek out a Mentor?

Share a few client successes. 

We have a client who exercised her modeling technique to negotiate 50% off of an extremely expensive construction cost on her house. She utilized modeling and had a level of confidence that she never had prior. We have another client who didn’t leave the couch for 7 months in the pandemic. Within two weeks of working together, she is now running north of 7 miles per run. I believe this is because her mindset has been totally revamped. In addition, accountability and structure go a long way with giving a client momentum and confidence. One of our clients recently said to us, “Craig has a very contagious spirit about himself that helps people see their potential. I like that approach. Sitting on a couch talking to a therapist about life’s problems is not the way to go for everyone but he offers an approach to seeing your own potential by making the changes from within. I think that is genius.” This client’s comment means everything to me because that’s what it’s all about. Giving people access to their own power and teaching them how to utilize it.

“Craig has a very contagious spirit about himself that helps people see their potential. I like that approach.Sitting on a couch talking to a therapist about life’s problems is not the way to go for everyone but he offers an approach to seeing your own potential by making the changes from within. I think that is genius.” – David Jenness

You recently signed a podcast deal for The CLS Experience. What can we expect?  

Thought you’d never ask. The keyword in the name of the show is experience because that’s precisely what you will get. The show is filled with extremely reputable and well-known names in all walks of life. But you see, what most of the world knows about these phenomenal individuals is their success stories. What the rest of the world does not know is all about their struggles and adversity. But most importantly, the mindset that they had when they overcame their darkest battles and obstacles. It is their mindset that is so special and so unique which makes these people such remarkable public figures. It’s all about the journey and what kind of grit, heart, and mental toughness that it takes to get them to the very top of their field in life. Season 1 has it all. Olympians, UFC fighters, business moguls, just to name a few. Their extraordinary frames and perspectives provide a value to the audience like no one has ever heard before.

As a much sought after Speaker, what are the key topics you are sharing? 

Key topics include helping people cultivate permanent drive. Because you see, inspiration and motivation are temporary. They come and they go. What lasts forever is a revamping of the mindset. Now you take these topics and you add in a little CLS flair, please understand, I come to perform and I will deliver. It’s one thing to have the knowledge about how to help someone revamp their mindset. It’s something else entirely to be able to communicate it in such an empowering way that the audience is committed to making big changes on the spot. Apparently, I have that ability. In regards to upcoming speaking engagements, there are several gigantic surprises in the works. You’re going to see a lot of me real soon.

What is your mantra? How does it relate to your passion for coaching? 

My mantra is this. I want the world to know the ending of your story has not been written yet. Your best life does in fact lie ahead of you. No matter how old you are or where you are in life, you have the ability to alter your destiny. I know this because I am a living testimonial of this. I left Wall Street to pursue coaching because helping people revamp their mindset and manufacture breakthroughs sets my soul on fire.

Share your vision for 2021.  

2021 is where all the magic truly comes to fruition. A lot of surprises will be revealed. Please understand, coaching is indeed a passion of mine and there’s nothing quite like a one-on-one intimate connection as I go through a journey with my client. But ultimately, my purpose is much grander in scale. As CLS continues to defy the odds and grow at a rate that no one has ever seen before, the vision for 2021 is to reach billions of lives. And so although the rise of CLS has been nothing short of exponential, which humbles me, 2021 we really make our mark on the world. To help, transform, and elevate as many lives as we can. CLS is a symbol. The world needs to be a part of it. As cliche as this may sound, CLS is about making the world a better place.

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