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Consumer Beware – fraud never is really on holiday

2017 is winding down and a lot of people are looking at the new year for renewed hope to reinvent themselves and their businesses. It is a time to clear up neglected issues to start fresh with a new year. Yet what lurks behind seemingly trusting smiling ads  and pitches for coaching careers, book publishing packages, expensive retreats and more are just society’s latest version of expensive lessons and regret for many vulnerable people duped out of their hard earned money to pay for unrealistic setups.

Local TV channels welcome consumers to report their issues for them to expose the fraud and deceit. Unfortunately geniune programs suffer from the misfits of those who prey on the emotional purchases of the new career seekers. This past year a chain of beauty schools misused college tuition funds thus closing up all their schools leaving beauty school clients without their accomplished careers.


It is the Buyer Beware syndrome. With social media, potential clients get lured into being ‘friends’ with the product group. Nowadays with Live recordings, company CEOs are streaming personal client personal stories as if they were having a confidential beer poolside with coherts.

Independent business owners are seeking services in the new landscape of technology and websites yet getting delays and unfullfilled promises.

TheHollywoodTimes is looking to close out another year in anticipation of a new year with more investigative stories. We welcome more writers and stories to show the glory and the grime along the virtual Hollywood Blvd. in the world. Lets be good humans no matter what time of the year it is. Integrity doesn’t take a holiday so be on your guard and watch your wallet.