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Conscious Rappper Kyle Knight Open for Intvs & Set for Harlem Week 8/20

Introducing The Newness
In answer to the call for new Hip Hop, flavored with proper old school curation and seasoning: meet Kyle Knight, who delivers uplift in entertainment, and messages behind his bangin beats.  His compelling songs, upcoming performances, and new video will introduce Hip Hop fans–old and new alike, to Kyle Knight’s musical mission.


It’s easier to master the art of Hip Hop when you are raised at its knee so to speak. For Conscious Rapper/Lyricist Kyle Knight, music is woven into his earliest memories. Growing up in New York and at home in his father, David Knight’s wall-to-wall recording studio, he learned songwriting, basic engineering, and an appreciation for live instrumentation. His father’s own production credits include a remix of SVW’s (Right Here) and work with iconic rap legend Chuck D. Fed on a wide variety of musical genres from classical leanings and influences like Motown to Nas, Michael Jackson, and Tupac; Knight’s exposure to music broadened quickly. As his own interest in performing grew, so did his lessons on the gears and mechanics behind the craft. Areas of study included artist development, proper lyric writing, and artistry in recording vocals. Even his digging into the crates of old school techniques became a foundation for his unique sound. Attending Legacy High School in Manhattan, he was one of those kids rapping in the staircase or taking advantage of the school’s in-house recording studio. To this day he remains in touch with the academic staff there, where he recalls many talent shows and chances where his early skills were also formed.

Despite support systems motivating his musicianship, as a child born at the start of the turbulent 1990’s, he was challenged as a young black male facing the temptations of a fast way to the top. Eventually, it was his lyric writing that became the catharsis for tough street life pressures, along with a desire to become successful without pursuing illegal methods like some used to build their rap careers. Further adding to a more positive lifestyle was a trip abroad, taken with his grandmother and cousin to ports in Africa. From Morocco to Ghana, they traveled on a humanitarian mission that became a life-altering experience for Kyle. Upon having that influence enter his life, he shifted his approach to producing music that reflected his internal positive change.

From losing profanity to adding resistance messages as the undertone to the songs, his became a universally directed effort to uplift and inform.
After releasing three singles and a remix, his acclaim has grown internationally with listener responses pouring in from as far as Africa, India, the Philippines, and Colombia; not to mention his domestic reception in the U.S. as he adds plans for global tours to his future agenda. The power of his lyricism and the depth of his messages are what is attracting his rapidly growing base. Enriching it further is his use of full instrumentation with riveting solos, designed to enhance hip hop at its purest. Taking from the original vibes and nuances of rap with the use of story, he incorporates a relevance that cannot help but resonate in this tumultuous era.
The current single, “Hey Sister”, addresses abusive relationships and female empowerment. Its companion single-a special remix featuring violinist Monique Brook Roberts of TruVibe, is also available. His live performance style has been enhanced by working with choreographer/instructor, Pearrie Hammie, who guides him on stylizing his moves-from live presence to handling the energy of both the stage and the audience. Hammie also appears in the “Hey Sister” video.
Using Universal ideas with his tracks, like “The Truth”, Knight takes conscious hip hop components and wraps them in rich orchestration and a strong message, whether addressing self-empowerment, women’s respect, or hidden government agendas. The song’s compelling guitar solo by Peter Griffo and the soul-stirring chorus of energized kids on the hook, highlight the sort of motivation the masses need today. The Truth EP, a 4-track project, is his most hands-on to date. Co-produced and co-written with his father, David Knight, the title track was released May 2017 and is currently available on Kyle’s website and in digital outlets worldwide.
Equal parts storytelling and “reality rap” it eloquently addresses political corruption, social justice, addiction epidemics, misogyny, and more. With just the singles under his Kyle Knight Music roster, for now, he is steadily working toward a full album, with stronger lyrics and titles that reflect his upward direction. The future of Kyle Knight brings much more than music pursuits, as he has other ambitions to become an actor, in the tradition of rap/star 50 Cent and Common; to helm his entrepreneurial pursuits in clothing/endorsement lines while continuing to build on his existing Kyle P. Lyric Publishing, LLC. Catalog.
In the forthcoming single, “Addiction”, (produced by Richie Harrison who also lent his talents to “Hey Sister”)  explores America’s prescription pill addiction and the opioid epidemic plaguing millions around the world-a timely topic sure to galvanize change among listeners. The truth will set you free message is at the heart of all his sociopolitical lyrics and shows he is as much activist as an artist when it comes to supporting the cause.
“…Speak the truth are you blind?…Live or die truth will survive … a brainwashed planet seems to run rampant…So be the truth, hear the truth, hold the truth, way way way overdue...” tells us what’s real with Kyle Knight Music.
Check out his fresh EPK and then consider scheduling him in for your show or article, bringing a fresh face and a burgeoning new beat to audiences.
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After an appearance at Five Towns College in Long Island, he is anticipating his reception at the Art in the Park Festival during Harlem Week 2017

where he will perform live on August 2oth, 2017.
As well, he will a debut video premiere screening of his music video, “Hey Sister” at the Sugar Bar NYC, during Harlem Week.
Intent on continuing to engage his social media fans, you can find up
dates appearance, announcements and more on his growing body of work at:

Facebook: @kyleplyricpublishingllc

Twitter: @kyleknightmusic
YouTube: Kyle Knight Music
Instagram: @kyleknightmusic
Artist Website:
CD Baby:


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