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Computer and Animation Conference Berlin – Drone Giveaway – Sept. 3rd Deadline


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We Give Back. Each year we give to a Non Profit and tickets away to students. In addition, we often have giveaways via this newsletter.We are now giving away an HD Drone.

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Wednesday September 27th 2017 . Join Founder/Director Susan Johnston for a surprise get together in Berlin.  It’s free and fun, details will be sent the week before.  RSVP here-


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Computer Graphics & Animation Conference and Expo

4th International Conference and Expo on

Computer Graphics & Animation September 25-26, 2017 Berlin, Germany Theme: “Shaping the future with innovations in Graphics & Animation


We are honored, our Founder/Director Susan Johnston is a keynote at this prestigious conference.


Why Scope Out A Film Festival?

“Ever thought about scoping out a film festival? Sounds like fun, right? (Spoiler alert: It is…SO. MUCH. FUN.) That aside however, it is also a great place to meet and network with industry professionals in all forms. Who knows? You may just meet the producer who’s seeking the genre of the script you just wrote. To feel connected to a like-minded community is absolutely priceless.” –  Excerpted from an ISA (International Screenwriters Association) newsletter.



September 3rd Deadline. Submit today!


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Founder/Director Susan Johnston 

Susan Johnston, known as a Media Futurist, is President of Select Services Films, Inc. an award winning production company which is also certified DBE, has a casting division and is Founder/Director of New Media Film Festival.  As a kid, Susan was on the set of the 1st Great Gatsby where she met Robert Redford while her father was handling the antique cars. From there, she worked on every production she could garnering experience in every department of filmmaking. Her first film a 35mm color film noir short Room 32 which won two awards, received distribution and was requested by Spiderman 3 for their production team.

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