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When Communities Provide Space at Long Beach Pride 2022

By Ali Mushtaq

Long Beach, CA (The Hollywood Times) – The city of Long Beach held its annual LGBQ Pride festival on the weekend of July 9-10, 2022. Long Beach Pride known as one of the most diverse prides in the country. While the event largely focused on representation and excitement, it also brought many involved who worked on issues that focused on race, gender, and sexuality. It also provided space for those who seek greater access to resources and representation within queer communities.


Many booths were geared toward providing space for nonprofits and these nonprofits filled gaps for resources that are much needed in the community. Lucky Alexzander worked with APLA and Invisible Men, LA-based nonprofits. Lucky described how mainly Invisible Men provides wellness resources for trans men. It is especially relevant because, as Lucky says, “so many assumptions [about trans men] are wrong” and that it leads to them being “left out of conversations.” Similarly, Vita from the Trans Latina Coalition, emphasized how the access to resources like housing and food, is important for transwomen. For example, Vita mentioned that conversations about sexuality and gender center trans issues, but, more so, on gay lesbian, and bisexual identities, “people are focused on the first letters,” even though “everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be.”

The domes provided space for gender exploration and recognition. One dome was a drag make-up space, where people could experiment with drag to create a drag look and perform. Drag queen Willimina Caviar explained, “Drag allows us to feel like ourselves. We can be ourselves,” and, indeed, it provided space for people to experiment with makeup, especially if they are shy. Another dome was dedicated to transgender remembrance of trans leadership.  Brand ambassador Gabriella mentioned that “this is the history we didn’t learn in school and it’s important to highlight the work that is being done in this community.”


While Pride is a time to celebrate one’s identity, it is also a time to remember the important work that individuals are doing to provide tangible resources for a community that is still in need of representation and access.