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Comedian Allan Sidley Shares His Story of “Daddy Issues”

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/06/2021  While other little boys have fond memories of sharing a game of catch in the backyard with their dad and having their father come to school plays, T-ball games, and Friday night varsity football game, Sidley’s father died when he was nine months old and was voided of those experiences. Today, at 31, the well-spoken and charismatic Sidley is the author of Daddy Issues: A Fatherless Comedian’s Original Jokes. The book is stuffed with 186 pages of original jokes and puns that made it a #1 new release on Amazon. The timing is perfect, as we wrestle with the aftermath of a year and Father’s Day approaching, It helps us re-find our funny bone. “Daddy Issues is a distraction from everything in our lives,” Sidley says. “My book is really a celebration of the family and friends I’ve had and lost throughout my life.”

Several years ago you stepped away from corporate life and took the stage. Was this the greatest leap of faith you have made? 

100% yes. Everything up until then I did what exactly I was supposed to – get good grades, go to college, get a decent job. In 2017 I left corporate life much to my family’s and girlfriend’s chagrin with an idea, but most importantly a strong conviction that I would eventually figure comedy out. (Unfortunately, COVID did kill my business last year so I returned to corporate life this past January, but I’m okay with that for the time being.)

As a stand-up comedian, where have you drawn your inspiration from? Is humor the healer of all wounds? 

I grew up listening to way more rap than comedy, and rappers talk about the grind and some of the crazy stuff that happens along the way so I can relate to that. Comically it’s Anthony Jeselnick, he’s impersonal and unapologetic but an excellent writer so he gets away with it most of the time. If I had to draw the comparison, I’m a more personal and toned-down version of him. I think having people laugh at your or their own trauma is so therapeutic and healing. It takes time to figure out how to do it right, but once you do there’s nothing else like it.



Kobe Bryant & Moving To LA – Allan Sidley author of Daddy Issues

Your new book, “ Daddy Issues: A Fatherless Comedian’s Original Joke,” is gaining popularity. How is your book the perfect distraction of our current times? 

You get to ignore the chaos in your life and the world around us by wandering inside my mind for a hilarious journey. We all need to laugh now more than ever.

“Daddy Issues,” is extreme and unfiltered. Tell us more. 

As a comedian, I have jokes that are edgy, provocative, corny, genius, and stupid. On stage, it’s hard to encompass all that, so in this book, I wanted to give people everything.

Have you ever been so broke you took your chess set to a pawn shop? That’s when I hit rock bottom.

I knew someone auditioning for a voice role on Cars, and everything was going fine until they heard the final casting interview was with RV Weinstein.

Got some great stock tips from this girl during sex. Hopefully, I won’t get caught for inside her trading.

You either grew up in a red state or a well-read state.

I do my mom’s and girlfriend’s laundry together to keep them on the same cycle.

This guy at the pub was eyeing me, asking me if I wanted to throw down. I threw up. The whole place erupted in a barf fight.

During the Obama administration, I protested bombing the Middle East. I went on a drone strike.

I just founded a Climate Change agency: the David Atten-Bureau.

You know that feeling when you’re at work and it just feels like every other day? What do they call that? Day job Vu?

I want to lose enough weight to become white girl waisted.

My friend breaks into Jewish delis at night and steals all their food. He’s really good at picking lox.


Allan Sidley, author of Daddy Issues at Harrisburg Comedy Zone!

Do you have Daddy Issues?

My Dad passed away when I was a baby and my Mom never remarried so yeah, I’ve got some Daddy Issues for sure.

“Wordplay” jokes are often criticized and can be a rocky road.” How does your book push the limits? 

There’s a stigma on puns/wordplay and I go all-in on it. It’s like any art form, you can’t say “all music from the ’70s sucked.” You’re wrong. The best music from that era was great, the average music was okay, and the worst bands sucked. People who say all puns suck are usually jealous they can’t make them.


Father’s Day is around the corner. Why is this a great book for dad? 

Dads love these kinds of jokes the most. I guarantee they will be re-telling some of these jokes to their kids, much to their dismay.

Tell us about your podcast. 

The medium term podcast is a self-help & entrepreneurial podcast focused on bridging the gap between short and long-term goals. I think short-term is easy, and long-term is too abstract. It takes a special kind of mindset to think about what decisions and measures you need in place to pivot 6 months from now. The next two episodes are 1 – with an online dating coach, 2 – with the founder of a nonprofit for teenage mental health, both inspiring people in their own way. It’s on anchor, Spotify, and most other places podcasts exist – https://anchor.fm/medium-term

Where can we see your stand-up?

I’m excited to headline a show on Father’s Day (Sunday, 6/20 @ 3 pm) at Jammin Java in my hometown of Vienna, VA. I’m actively working to add more dates to my Daddy Issues tour this summer/fall/winter but it’s to plan right now with so much uncertainty. The only thing I love more than writing jokes is telling them on stage. I can’t wait to (safely) add that back into my life.

Anything else to add?

Although it’s available on Kindle, I took a lot of time and care crafting this book and cover for paperback. You want to hold this book in your hands. I believe it belongs on coffee tables and in bathroom stalls across America. Just don’t read it all in one shitting. 😉

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