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Comcast Adds True Royalty TV to Xfinity X1

True Royalty: The Prince and Princess of Wales

Xfinity Customers from Coast-to-Coast Can Access the First and Only Subscription Video On Demand Service Dedicated to Royal Programming Just In Time For The Premiere of Its New Original Series The Royal View, Featuring Host Tim Vincent

LONDON/PASADENA — February 8, 2019  True Royalty TV, the first and only subscription video on demand service created to satisfy the millions of fans of the British Royal Family across the U.S. and around the world, is now available over the Internet on Comcast’s Xfinity X1. The launch marks the first time the UK-based online subscription video on demand service is available through a pay-TV provider in the US.  True Royalty TV, which offers a rich catalog of royal documentaries, was co-founded by Gregor Angus, Nick Bullen and Edward Mason.

“Since launching in June, we have seen the US viewer demonstrate a tremendous appetite for a deeper understanding of what really goes on with The Royals, precisely what True Royalty TV provides,” said Gregor Angus, CEO and co-founder, True Royalty TV. “Launching on Xfinity X1 is an important step forward for True Royalty TV, as there is no better partner than Comcast to help accelerate our goals of meeting the growing demand for Royal programming and continuing to expand our distribution in the U.S.” 

Xfinity X1 customers can subscribe to and access the service by saying “True Royalty TV” into their X1 voice remote or by finding it within the networks section of Xfinity on Demand. True Royalty TV can be added to X1 customers’ service for a seven-day free trial period and then for $5.99 per month thereafter.

The launch on X1 comes just in time for the debut of True Royalty TV’s first original series The Royal Viewhosted by Tim Vincent (Access Hollywood), starting on February 11. On the heels of the plethora of Hollywood movies and TV series on Queen Elizabeth II and her family, this unique talk show aims to separate the fact from the fiction about the British Royal Family, past and present. The series will feature a wide range of guests, including Royal Family insiders, historians, biographers and well-connected royal journalists. The first two episodes available this coming Monday include: 

– “Blood on Their Hands”  – The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, stunned the world and rocked the Royal Family to its core. With blame levied at the press and paparazzi, The Royal View host Tim Vincent hears from those in the know about the volatile relationship that’s always existed between the Royal Family and the Press. Guests: Andrew Morton, author of the world’s best-selling biography on Diana, Princess of Wales; Kelvin MacKenzie, Royal reporter; Lady Colin Campbell, Royal biographer and socialite; and Tessa Dunlop, Royal historian and best-selling author and broadcaster.

– “Royals on the Rocks” (As of February 11, available to X1 customers to sample for free without a subscription for the month.) – Damage caused by divorce has plagued the Royal Family for nearly a century. Whether from outside the family or within, we hear about the marital breakdowns that have cast a shadow over the family of Elizabeth II. Guests: Neil Wallis, newspaper editor behind many Royal stories; Sarah Gristwood, Co-author of The Ring and the Crown; Katie Nicholl, Vanity Fair contributing editor; and Paul Burrell, Royal butler and Queen’s footman.

 Xfinity customers can also enjoy True Royalty’s royal documentaries including All The Queen’s HorsesAll The Queen’s MenRoyal Windsor’s Big WeekThe Duchess on the EstatePrince William’s AfricaThe Last Dukes, and The Last Party at the Palace.

“True Royalty TV is the one-stop shop for programming on all your favorite Royals,” said BAFTA award-winning Editor in Chief Nick Bullen. “From the American Princess Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, to members of the Royal Family you’ve come to love through the worldwide success of movies and TV shows such as Wallis Simpson and Princess Margaret, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Queen Anne, and George VI. If you want to get behind the headlines and fictional accounts, you’ll want to dive into Royal content available only on True Royalty.”

In addition to content about the British Royal Family, True Royalty features documentaries and docudramas about other Monarchies around the world. Currently, there are 26 Monarchies making up a network of Kings, Queens, Sultans, Emperors and Emirs who rule or reign over 43 countries in all.


True Royalty was co-founded by Gregor Angus (CEO), Nick Bullen, and Edward Mason as the world’s first and only subscription video on demand service dedicated to providing fans with a wide selection of high-quality Royal programming. For more information on True Royalty TV and its available platforms, visit www.trueroyalty.tv.