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COLORSHOT Spray Paints Are DIY Heaven 

By Audrey Rock

San Pedro, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/21/19 – What’s the difference in a can of spray paint? One need look no further than the line’s tantalizingly named colors. They’re not simply “grey” or “red.” Try “Stiletto,” or “Smoke and Mirrors”.

ColorShot’s DIY friendly line of spray paints sport irresistibly appealing monikers like “Summer Pedicure,” “Speeding Ticket”, “Wine Stain,” “Kale”, “Famer’s Daughter,” “Island Girl”, and “Hello Handsome.” You probably don’t want to paint with a blah palette like “white”, so how about “Marshmallow?”

The crafty seduction of these pretty cans isn’t all they offer, however. These paints dry in 10 minutes, sport durable, UV resistant color with vibrant and opaque coverage, and work on all your favorite DIY surfaces–wood, metal, plastic, and more.

The slim can design, expertly crafted with a grooved spray top is easy to grip, fitting comfortably in your hand like your best hairspray and making spray painting a comfortable breeze. The eco-friendly product is free of Xylene, Benzene, Toluene, and toxic dryers–commonly used spray paint chemicals that can have harmful long-term effects. Furthermore, the propellant ColorShot uses is derived from inedible sugarcane (yes, you heard that right),  which is a sustainable resource. Most spray paint formulas use propellants derived from petroleum.

They feel almost indecently collectible, given their grip-friendly feel and their adorably yummy color names. Buying a can or two of paint won’t be your last step with this cute company, however. Their site is full of fun ideas, found in the comprehensive “Projects” tab. Right now, we’re really digging their “Last Minute Halloween Decor DIY’s” and “Backyard Party on a Budget,” both of which fit nicely with our spooky season entertaining plans.

The general idea here is that spray painting should be fun–”paint with personality,” they invite customers.  Far be it from us to question whether or not this sassy line of paints has personality. We’re too busy painting.

To learn more about ColorShot, and to get some crafty ideas, visit www.mycolorshot.com.