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How Collin Farrell Had A Rewarding Lockdown?

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/3/21 – The global pandemic COVID-19 was the cause of the quarantine world-wide. The lockdown was causing chaos to the world economy. People had to stay at home, and this was frustrating for them. One plus point was that people could spend time with their loved ones. Parents could give their kids love, affection, and nutrition. Pet owners could stay with their pets and take care of them. They could take care of them by showing warmth, feeding them delicious food like burgers for cats and royal canine for dogs, play with them, etc.

Where people didn’t appreciate staying at home, there was one person who didn’t mind it. Collin Farrell claims that the lockdown was rather rewarding for him.

Here is why lockdown was a rewarding time for Collin Farrell:

Collin Farrell is an Irish actor. His first movie was Ballykissangel that came out in 1998. Collin’s debut work in America was Tigerland that came in 2000. Currently, Collin Farrell is the cast of the movie The Batman. The movie’s shoot had to delay due to the pandemic, and Collin took this as an opportunity to spend time with his kids.

Collin has two sons James (17 years) and Henry ( 11 years). Collin claims that the lockdown has given him a chance to spend time with his family as much as he wants, and he couldn’t ask for more.

Collen Farell claims that lockdown was somewhat comfortable for him as he got the chance to stay home with his family. He said that the food in the fridge and money in the bank was enough for him. Above all, he says that he was lucky that all his loved ones were safe and healthy.

Collin Farell says that this couldn’t have been possible if he was shooting in London, far away from home. He claims that this time was helpful for him.

Collin further said that his time at home made him realize how precious life is and how time is changing. He said that the lockdown made him feel nostalgic. He says that it was like the feeling of going through old photos and videos, remembering past times, and missing them.

Collin says that sometimes he would be lying in bed at 3 am and going through old videos and pictures of his sons. He said that he would often stay in one place and watch them for hours.

Collin Farell is currently residing in LA, but his home country is Ireland. He said that no matter how much he loves LA, he still has a connection and never dying love for Ireland. The 44 years old Irish actor says that he may be living a fancy and comfortable life in LA, but he is still an immigrant, and his true home will always be Ireland. He will always have an emotional bond with his birthplace, and he misses being there despite his family being in LA. He says that “I’m an immigrant in LA, albeit a fancy one, and I have all the complications that come with that. I love Ireland so much.”


We can learn from Collin Farell that no matter how much of a tough time we are going through, we should still see the positivity in it. Lockdown may have been a hard time for us, but it also gave us a chance to stay home and relax with our family members. We could focus on ourselves and also take proper care of our loved ones.

The lockdown came with several disadvantages, but it still was a pleasant and enjoyable time for many people. We should always appreciate the things we have and be thankful. The lockdown was also necessary to keep our loved ones safe and healthy so that is another reason it was useful for us.

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