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Cinthya LaRose to Offer FREE OnlyFans Membership to NARAL Pro-Choice Donors

Cinthya LaRose
(Los Angeles, CA / May 9, 2022) — Cinthya LaRose announces a special deal for her OnlyFans followers: a FREE one-month subscription to her official model page when they make a donation to support NARAL Pro-Choice America in the name of reproductive freedom through the star’s group fundraiser on Instagram.
“I want to publicly offer my support to NARAL Pro-Choice America and encourage everyone to please donate whatever you can in order to continue safeguarding our sexual and reproductive health options,” said LaRose. “My fundraising goal is $1,000 over the next 30 days, and I need everyone’s help in getting there!”
She noted that with Roe v Wade, a landmark Supreme Court ruling which protects a pregnant woman’s right to choose to have an abortion without government interference or restrictions, at risk of being transferred to states’ jurisdiction, many states may rule in favor of criminalizing the procedure, leading to unsafe, risky and downright dangerous methods of termination.
“Reproductive rights belong to EVERY BODY – access to affordable contraception, safe and legal abortion options and counseling for those who need it is of paramount importance, and we need to make our voices heard and remove any barriers that keep us from our ability to CHOOSE what is best for us.”
Supporters can also visit ActBlue.com to donate directly for the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
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Cinthya LaRose believes in a life well lived. “I’m not traditional by any means; I’m a free spirit – I like adventure, exploration and traveling.” Such is the fearless life of the Mexico-born, Miami-raised model, content creator and popular OnlyFans sex symbol.
Like many teenage girls, LaRose was often uncomfortable in her own skin and struggled with self-confidence. She studied psychology in college but dropped out before her junior year “when I realized how much a therapist makes a year!” and set out to find fulfillment and financial security in the taboo world of adult entertainment.
Three years later, LaRose is confident she made the right decision and has committed to paying it forward for other rising talents in the future. “I hope to be an advocate for sex workers in later years while doing my part to change the stigma around sex work.”