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Christmas Dream Job: Get $1,000 to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas Movies

Hot cocoa, cookies, a soft blanket, some fuzzy socks, and Hallmark Christmas movies. What more could you want? What about $1,000 to watch those Hallmark Christmas movies?!

This holiday season, CenturyLinkQuote  is looking for a lover of all things Christmas, G-Rated romcoms, and too-close-to-home family dramas to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas movies in for the “12 Days of Christmas.” And we want to pay them $1,000 to do it.

With Hallmark releasing 40 new movies this season, we are going to pay one person to watch 24 movies by Christmas Day.

You can find the application form and all the information needed for this dream job in the official post on the the following website: https://www.centurylinkquote.com/get-paid-to-watch-hallmark-christmas-movies

What: CenturyLinkQuote.com is looking for lovers of all things Hallmark and Christmas to watch 24 Hallmark movies this holiday season. In return, they’ll receive $1,000 as payment and a Hallmark Movie-watching Kit.

Where: Interested candidates can easily apply here: https://www.centurylinkquote.com/get-paid-to-watch-hallmark-christmas-movies 

Who: CenturyLinkQuote.com, an authorized reseller of CenturyLink, is looking for lovers of Christmas movies and Hallmark to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas movies to celebrate the holiday season.

Why: The holidays are the most wonderful time of year! We want to understand what role Christmas movies play in people’s holiday traditions, and how folks are choosing to watch their most beloved holiday classics.

When: Applications are open now through December 6th, 2019. (That’s the 6th chocolate in your advent calendar!)

Who doesn’t like Hallmark movies during the Holidays, I can’t think of an easier way to make money, sitting on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and in your pjs watching Hallmark movies and having the chance to win $1,000.

Give it a try and best of luck to each and every one of you!