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Christian Stokes Interview

By: Patty McCall

Oklahoma City, OK (The Hollywood Times) 8/14/2020 –“I do have those Southern values even though I play the bad guy often. I wouldn’t do anything my grandmother wouldn’t watch.” Christian Stokes told The Hollywood Times during a phone interview.

Christian Stokes was raised in East Texas and is presently living in Louisiana. Family is extremely important to Christian.  He is the oldest of three siblings with no children of his own, however he is the favorite uncle to his brother’s four children. 

Christian’s father was a fireman, his mother a bank teller. And how lucky was he to have graduated with the same kids he went to kindergarten with? As a 6’2″ football athlete in high school, a knee injury prevented him from receiving scholarships into college.

Christian Stokes Jacks Last Fandango

Not realizing 25 years ago that his first job would eventually become his career, Christian said “Everything happens for a reason.”

His first job was at Six Flags Over Texas as an entertainer character actor, which led to doing stunts at shows and then traveling.

Dennis Gilmore, who was in theater, was his mentor, which shared this quote with him.

Christian Stokes Escape Plan

Listening to Christian speak about the great actors that he had roles opposite of, you could hear the passion in his voice.  It is obvious that he absolutely loves what he does and that he has a lot of respect for his fellow actors.  One example of this was while working with Sylvester Stallone on the movie Escape Plan, as a security guard, “my job was to keep Stallone from escaping but he got out!” Christian chuckled.


Christian Stokes Monster

“In the movie Monster, the intensity of Charlize Theron’s character Aileen Wuomos was amazing!  It was incredible how she transformed herself!” Christian exclaimed. During the three days of filming, Charlize hardly spoke to anyone, because she chose to stay in character. Christian had the opportunity to audition in front of the director Patty Jenkins. He did not realize he had the part until weeks later when they called him for a fitting.  

As life evolves with Covid-19, Christian is staying busy writing a feature film Texas Pete.  The movie is a red neck vampire comedy based on where he grew up. It is the Lost Boys verses The Red Neck Comedy Boys.

Christian Stokes: Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

Christian really does have a side of him that loves comedy. He says, “I’ve always joked that once cruise ships sail again, you might see me on one of their comedy stages.”

Blue Collar Acting Coach is Christian’s online Acting/Coaching Service.

If you need help to prep for an audition or character development check out www.christianpstokes.com

Christian Stokes Till Death

Christian Stokes just wrapped a feature film Till Death with Jason Sudeikas, Evangeline Lilly, Mike Colter, and Michael Pare where he played one of Mike Colter’s lieutenants. It was directed by Aharon Keshales, and up and coming Israeli director known for his movies Big Bad Wolves and Rabies.

He’s currently working on a faux reality tv comedy series called The Zomb Squad, that takes the zany comedy of Reno 911 and mixes it with the horror of The Walking Dead in a Post Post-Apocalyptic.
He’s also in the process of writing a Redneck Texas horror comedy feature, Texas Teeth, where the Redneck Comedy Tour meets the Lost Boys.
Christian Stokes WestWorld

He’s directed and trained the majority of the actors for the Marvel Universe Live Arena Stunt Show that traveled all over the continental US and Europe between 2014 and 2017. He’s worked for some unique and immersive acting experiences for HBO at SXSW for some of their popular brands such as Westworld and Game of Thrones.

Christian Stokes -Game of Thrones

Here is a link to his website: www.christianpstokes.com

Here is a link to his imdb: imdb.me/christianstokes