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“Chocolate Date Night”

By Alex Banx

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/25/2018— THT had the extreme pleasure in indulging in a long night of chocolate bliss curiosity of the Chocolate Pizza Company. Chocolate Pizza? That’s right, chocolate pizza. It was a beautifully intimidating slice of smooth Belgian milk chocolate layered with supreme toppings. Walnuts. Almonds. Cashews. Pecans. Salted Pretzels. Caramel pillows. Chocolate Drizzle.


Do you need it? That’s the Pizza-Nuts pizza. You can choose from a wide variety of supreme chocolate pizzas or custom build your own.

After eyeballing the slice of chocolate art for hours it was time to dive. Each bite was amazing. It is amazing. The Chocolate Pizza from the Chocolate Pizza Company is a celebration in itself.


But that was it. The pizza came with a side of wings; that’s milk chocolate covered ruffled potato chips with a layer of peanut butter on each side of the chips. Dietary restrictions considered, every mouth deserve to experience the sensational flavor of the of the Peanut Butter Party Wings from the Chocolate Pizza Company.

THT’s chocolate adventure continued with a delicious menagerie of  almond filled chocolate covered dates cleverly named as the highly recommended non-GMO ChocoDates.

All these yummy treats and more are available online at