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China (Beijing) Radio and Television Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Zone at NAB2019

The China (Beijing) Radio and Television Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Zone was splendidly staged at NAB2019 held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States on April 8, 2019 (local time). This move was the important event that the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the “BMRTB”) thoroughly implements the “going global” development plan proposed by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and provides the platform support for the international promotion of Beijing radio and TV enterprises, so as to enhance their international influence and display to the world their latest independent innovation achievements.

There were 11 excellent radio and television technology enterprises from Beijing in the NAB2019 China (Beijing) Radio and Television Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Zone, which are involved in such links as collection, production, transmission, management and broadcasting of the radio and television field. Exhibitors focus on displaying their most competitive products. The UHF digital multiplexer and passive equipment brought by Beijing Sino-Sky Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has strong competitiveness in overseas market, with the design advantages of different digital channels synthesized into a set of antenna feeder system without interference, which makes the limited antenna feeder system highly efficient, and with stable product performance, low insertion loss, low reflection loss, and high isolation, reaching the internationally advanced technology level in terms of all indexes. The high-performance gigabit broadband access HINOC core chip and solution brought by Beijing Handnow Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., with the product model HN1000 & HN1019, has the advantages of independently-developed UWB access technology, which can implement the complete solution of gigabit access and home interconnection based on HN1000/HN1019, give full play to the advantage of coaxial massive interface, provide users with ubiquitous gigabit access capability, and meet high bandwidth, low delay, full function, and easy-to-deploy information access requirements in the future, so as to become an important carrier for realizing 5G penetration, 8K transmission and media fusion, under dual guarantees of domestic standards and ITU international standards. In addition, the 4K content production platform provided by SCV, and the multi-person live broadcast connection controller system developed by China Television Information Technology are all leading in the broadcasting and control field of radio and television in the world, with unique competitive advantages in overseas market.

Meanwhile, the first morning of NAB2019 witnessed the good news that Beijing Kaidixingye Network Technology reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Oceanic Technology Corporation (Taiwan) to explore domestic and foreign markets and achieve win-win cooperation.