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Check Out Author Lisa Stardust NYC based astrologer, tarot card reader, energy healer, manifestation guide, and life coach

If you are a fan of astrology, check out author Lisa Stardust, a NYC-based astrologer, tarot card reader, energy healer, manifestation guide, and life coach. She is best known as the The Today Show’s resident psychic and astrologer, and columnist for Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Refinery 29.

Her first two books were best-sellers: Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos

Her latest work “Love Deck” is set to release August 7, 2022 (National Psychic Day) and is currently available on Amazon pre-order ($19.99 or $8.99 on Kindle.)
The book is an alluring guide to attracting love and kindling romance, filled with love-themed rituals, spells, crystals, and astrological wisdom.
Read on to learn more about this fantastic astrologer!
Is this a career path you choose or something that chooses you? What was your journey?

Now as one of the leading astrologers in the country, my path has led me back to writing as I write about astrology for The Hoodwitch and many publications!

What are some of the key astrological dates coming up that our readers should be aware of?

Chiron Retrograde just started and runs July 15th through December.

Also we have Mercury retrograde coming up again in September and Venus Star Point (Oct. 22nd, which is the best date for love in the entire year! ) And Mars retrograde is Oct. 30th.

What are some of the most common things people want to know when they read with you?

Usually my clients want predictions on love, career, kids and the bigger life milestones! Sometimes they just want to know if the person they are dating is a good star match or what’s their best power color to wear to a job interview. It can be very in the moment.

How do you prepare for a reading with a client?

It’s important that I get their birth date so I can look at their star chart and do my own analysis for them prior to our meeting or call.

What does your new book “The Love Deck” include? 

With 70 cards of short spells, meditations and rituals, this deck is a spiritual guide for attracting love, passion, attraction, clarity, and confidence. Readers can choose a card based on their particular needs in that moment—before a first date, at a turning point in a relationship, or when a long-term partnership needs a little more spice—or at random to see what the universe has in store for their love life.

With a contemporary look and alluring content, this one of a kind book allows you to invite romance into your life without requiring a lot of writing or reflecting and gives you new ways to kindle romance.  It’s also a beautiful gift to display coming in an eye-catching package filled with shimmering cards.

Do you have any predictions you’d like to share with us? Or anything you see in the coming months our readers should look out for?

October 22nd is a big day for love because the Venus Star Point in Libra occurs then. Pay attention to what story starts then. You never know who’ll play a major part in your life — so stay tuned!

Where can our readers follow you?

You can visit my website  www.lisastardust.com or pre-order my new book “The Love Deck” now on Amazon. You can also follow me on social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.