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Champions (Campeones) – Movie Review

By: Sharoll Jackson 

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/26/18 – Champions (Campeones) – an engaging comedy, drama captures your attention through an emotional journey as it reveals a realistic portrayal of a group of basketball players with intellectual disabilities who are in training.  The team’s name is “Los Amigos” (The Friends) and their authentic camaraderie is the life of the story.  Their training jumps off when they receive an assigned national league basketball coach, Marco Montes, at their social center as their new coach for 90 days.  Chaotic circumstances involving work, marriage, and self-absorption bring Marco to this court ordered, community service stint and although his bad-mannered and arrogant attitude expresses his resistance, he has to play along.  Marco has small plans, but overruling fate has big plans as the power of understanding and “walking in someone else’s shoes” takes hold.  With minimal mild language and English subtitles, the movie experience is a treasure.  This is Spain’s Oscar entry which will certainly gain the attention it deserves.


With comedic chops interwoven throughout the characters’ journeys, this story provides some clinical and experiential context that helps smooth out misunderstandings and occasional intolerance that occurs during social interactions.  The lightheartedness allows compassion as the story delves into highly emotional and impactful events, succeeding in demonstrating the influence of fear and courage through the eyes of others.  One experiences the importance of communication as it goes hand-in-hand with the desire to connect with a person.  Behind each task, is the unstoppable force of empathy and the question, who is training who?

Champions (Campeones) is a film that’s funny, entertaining, and irresistible!  It is a story with dignity, authenticity, humor and humanity – a must see experience!


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