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Celebrity, Influencer & Athlete Women’s Health & Wellness Gifting Experience

By: Christina Parisi

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 02/28/2022 – In the beautiful Spring Space of Beverly Hills, the Celebrity, Influencer & Athlete Women’s Health & Wellness Gifting Experience was held this Saturday. The bright Los Angeles sun greeted every guest as they entered the rooftop experience, where they were invited to have a drink at the bar before heading out to explore the booths.

Influencers were on hand to enjoy the gifting experience that popular brands had come to offer, from luxury shoe line Protégé to the popular Dr. Busso, known for his Busso Lyft, who was there to provide Botox for those willing.

Richard Garnier, Ph.D., Dana Lyn Baron (Being the Ricardos), Thierry Pillet
(Photo: Tshombe Sampson)
Actress/Influencer @pamelajeannoble

Among the booths, were the following companies:

“Richard Garnier, Ph.D., a French alternative wellness expert, best-selling author, and founder of Hypnomagnetism, shared information about his holistic healing gifts, as well as the opening of his new wellness center and practice in Santa Monica, California.”

Oca Plant based energy drink, where lovely representatives explained the benefits of an energy drink with no added sugars, and no unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients.

Dr. J’s Natural,  a line of quality products that use science and breakthrough patents to offer 24 hour sanitizing protection that doesn’t dry out your skin. They also have a natural face-mist toner that uses PCA, a recently discovered natural ingredient with many health benefits. Learn more at drjsnatural.com.

“Yes! Athletics” a fitness shoe line for girl wrestlers. CEO/Founder Deb North was inspired to do something for her daughter when they couldn’t find the necessary wrestling shoes she needed. For more information about this inspirational company, visit yesathleticsusa.com.”.

This Is How You Vagina, a book that explores this important female organ who many shy away from discussing. Dr. Nicole Williams doesn’t shy away at all though, as she explores a most fascinating part of a woman’s body. To purchase or learn more, visit here.

All in the all, the event was a seemingly success, as influencers bounced between the booths, taking pictures and trying samples. Not only could they get instant Botox, but loose-leaf tea was available by Dawn of the Earth as well as much more. The experience was produced by Luxury Experience & Co.