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Celebrity Fashion Designer, Sophanna Sky of Sophanna Sky Designs 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/14/19 – Her designs are turning heads in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, The Beach Cities, and Newport Beach. Sophanna Sky Designs are very hot haute couture. Every piece is made to fit. Buttons are imported from Italy, she uses Swarovski on a lot of her dresses. Sophanna Sky is of Thai descent and her father Chinese. She grew up in Boston. She is a former model and has a panache for fashion.

Tell us about your background.

Sophanna Sky: I grew up in Boston. My mother was of Thai descent and my father was Chinese. I also speak Cambodian and English. I’m a former model and conduct a daily exercise routine of outdoor walking, treadmill, Abb Rollers, and workout dancing. My passion is designing clothes and I spend long hours doing it.

When did you discover your love for fashion design? 

Sophanna Sky: I discovered my love of fashion at 6-years old when I saw my neighbor hanging up beautiful clothes for fashion models. As soon as I saw that I said to myself, I want to make beautiful clothes. To get started, I took old clothes apart and sewed them back together by hand so that I could learn how clothes fit together. I learned to knit and crochet clothing by watching other people do it. I spent five years learning Fashion Design at the Art Institute of California in Hollywood, graduated in 2013, and then started my label in 2014.

Do your Designs make a statement?  What are some of the favorites? 

Sophanna Sky: Sophanna Sky Designs clothes are unique because they are handmade to perfection. They are designed to make women look sexy, curvy, and thin with class and shine that makes them stand out.

What will women notice first about your fashion?

Sophanna Sky: Every piece is made to fit. Buttons are imported from Italy, I use Swarovski on a lot of my dresses, which enhances my design.

You have a roster of celebrities as clients. Why do you think they work with you? 

The celebrities that I dress enjoy my clothes and frequently order more. They fit well. They are comfortable and have a very classy shine. Many clients have told me they get several compliments from strangers whenever they wear my clothes.

Do you wear your designs? Which are your favorites?

Sophanna Sky: I love all of my clothes and yes, I do wear my designs. Also, I have created a few private designs just for myself.

You will be designing dresses for Celebrity Writer Jules Lavallee for her upcoming red carpet events. Tell us more. 

Sophanna Sky: Jules and I are from Boston. Jules is very nice and educated. We both have the same goal, we love to give back and help others. My plan in life is to help save dogs and cats and homeless as much as I can. Helping people get on their feet makes me feel like a hero.

Which celebrities would you like to work with in 2020?

Sophanna Sky: I would like to work with all the celebrities. My passion is to make women around the globe look gorgeous.

You are a huge animal activist. Tell us about your charity work.

Sophanna Sky: I love animals and have been supporting Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. I often send money to help families in Cambodia to help their dogs.