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Celebrity Designer Joanna Gaines' Favorite Accessory Line – Dear Heart Designs

Joanna Gaines

Dear Heart Designs
Dear Heart Designs is a faith-inspired jewelry brand whose feminine yet minimalist pieces have garnered the attention of celebrity designer Joanna Gaines.
Whether you are looking for the courage to move mountains, the serenity to brave your harried day, or a token to spark a deeper conversation, Dear Heart Designs has a meaningful necklace to aid you on your journey.
These make stunning gifts and are perfect for Mother’s Day, a Birthday, with graduation just around the corner, what better gift to give than a Dear Heart Designs necklace.
It would make a great meaningful encouragement gift!
You will love the fearless spike necklace!
Fearless Necklace

Their beautiful necklaces are a reminder to step outside your comfort zone and meet the world with confidence and strength.
There are beautiful earrings and some awesome t-shirts with words of wisdom to live by.

Check out the entire collection here: https://www.dearheartdesigns.com/
About Dear Heart Designs
We believe in shining bright and loving boldly. We believe that something as simple as a delicate necklace can make a massive impact in the world. That our beautiful pieces can open doors for deep conversations that may not have been opened before.
That when you hold one of our pieces in your hand, you feel it in your heart. That when you put it around your neck, you’re prepared to have the hard, vulnerable conversations because those are really the ones that matter most. We believe in being a light in this world that needs it so desperately.
Our mission is to have God’s light shine through our pieces and customers, sparking conversations with strangers with the hope that somebody who did not know Jesus before that moment, can hear about Him and find His love.
So go sister, the world needs your open heart and bright soul.
Designer Nichole Kirk

Meet Nichole
I am a daughter of the Most High. Without Him, I’d be a broken mess. Jesus found me at my darkest and gave me new life. I know what it’s like to be judged and burned at the stake. I know what it’s like to feel like no one will understand or that you aren’t worthy of love. But I also know what it’s like to be loved more fiercely than you could ever imagine. I know what it’s like to be forgiven of all of your wrongs and to be healed by grace and risen up by His steady hand. Because of all of this, I am one of the most compassionate people you will meet. I feel so fully the pain of others, and am drawn to those that are outcasted by others.
I want to share the news of Jesus with them. I want to share my story and the things that have happened to me to let them know that everybody is capable of redemption. That our Father knows no stranger and that no sin is too great for His forgiveness and love.
Valley Necklace

That’s why Dear Heart was born. Our pieces are meant to create moments in which you can share your real and raw testimony with another.
We believe that being vulnerable opens up doors for other’s to know Jesus.
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