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Celebrate Earth Day with Congés

By Meg Taylor

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/22/19 – With summer around the corner and the current state of our environment, it is important to find sustainable products that are perfect for luxury lovers with a conscience—If this describes you, check out the fine jewelry line Congés.


Inspired on her honeymoon in Bora Bora, designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna, decided on the name for the line. The Los Angeles native decided on the name Congés, which means “to be on holiday” in French, and now believes it is a state of mind, striking a chord of personal well-being and being true to yourself. The popular collection embodies the experiences of Penna’s life enhancing courage, self-awareness, and empowerment.

“Much like my mentor, my grandmother, at a young age I got lost in the world of adornments. I loved the reconstruction of vintage clothing and accessories. It was then, I determined that I too would be a designer,” recalled Penna.


All the natural stones and crystals used in the jewelry are derived only from one source—the Earth. The FIDM graduate placed a focus on crystals in the signature collection including chrysoprase, amethyst, azurite, garnets, rose quartz, aquamarine, emerald, turquoise, black tourmaline, and tiger’s eye. Each stone has a spiritual meaning behind it and is handmade in Los Angeles. The brand prides itself in the high quality as well as the person attention each piece receives. Because it is a fine jewelry line, the price point ranges from $98 to upwards of $2,000 depending on factors such as types and size of diamonds as well as the gold karat count.

Congés offers something for everyone, making it the perfect go-to line for uniquely beautiful gifts. The best-selling Signature Collection is the foundation of complete enlightenment. Providing metaphysical energy that amplifies love, balance, and vitality this delicate assortment is designed in 18k gold. The Personalized Signature Collection is a symbol of a close bond.  The Third Eye Collection is an extension of your intuition. The Dream Catcher and Native American Collection is your connection to nature. The Scarab and Ancient Egypt Collection is the influence of family heritage. The Journey Collection is the protection and discovery of life’s journey.

Along with a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and body chains, Congés also has a line of VitaJuwel Via; this is a modern way to prepare fresh gem water at home. VitaJuwel ViA is a high quality, premium glass bottle with two openings and comes with an exchangeable bottom piece; this is called a “gempod”. This gempod is filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones. Each gempod is manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps.

“Seven years ago, we introduced our modern way to prepare fresh gem water at home. Following age-old traditions, we created gemstone vials to inspirit drinking water. Hygienically. Naturally. Our mission was to provide you with vital water like fresh from the spring,” the brand’s website stated. It continued on stating “VitaJuwel ViA marks the next step in the evolution of VitaJuwel gem water accessories,” and that it “sets a new benchmark in drinking water on-the-go.”


Sustainable fashion and lifestyle changes are concepts many people are trying to become more mindful of, especially today on Earth Day. This brand’s core motto exudes not only love for the planet but also love for yourself. To learn more and shop some of Penna’s collections, head over to and follow @CongesLife on Instagram.

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