Home TV CBS Storylines – Monday, July 16, 2018

CBS Storylines – Monday, July 16, 2018

New Story Lines

Whistleblowers Take on a Doctor Accused of Prescribing Chemotherapy to Patients Who Don’t Have Cancer and a for-Profit Cosmetology School Cheating Students and the Government, on “Whistleblower,” Friday, July 20 –


A Soccer Mom Finds Herself in Need of Funds so She Robs a Bank… in her Adorable Red Minivan, on the Series Premiere of “Pink Color Crimes,” Wednesday, July 28 –

SALVATION, a suspense thriller. CBS Television Network. Pictured: Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Ian Anthony Dale. Photo: Sven Frenzel/CBS

Grace Forges a Dangerous Alliance With Claire’s Brother, Alonzo, on “Salvation,” Monday, July 23 –





Encore Storylines for “The CBS Dream Team… It’s Epic!” Saturday, August 4 –


Bonnie Suffers Withdrawal After Giving up Cable TV to help Christy pay for her Law School Applications, and the Women Rally Around Jill after she has a Breakdown in her Favorite Department Store, on a Rebroadcast of “Mom,” Monday, August 6 –




The Holiday Spirit is alive, well and wildly different for each member of the Short Family, on a Rebroadcast of “Life in Pieces,” Monday, August 6 –


Gibbs and the team work to clear the name of a retired marine sergeant when cyanide is found in one of the hundreds of care packages he sends to active-duty Marines, on a Rebroadcast of “NCIS,” Tuesday, August 7 –




A Widow hires Bull when her wealthy husband is killed and all signs point to her having orchestrated his death, on a rebroadcast of “Bull,” Tuesday, August 7 –

FBI Special Agent Isler asks Special Agent Pride for help with an off-the-books Opioids theft investigation he is personally invested in, on a Rebroadcast of “NCIS: New Orleans,” Tuesday, August 7 –

Jason leads the seal team on a dangerous daytime mission where Sonny is wounded and must now rely on Clay and his brothers to save his life, on a Rebroadcast of “Seal Team,” Wednesday, August 8 –

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