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7 Reasons You Should Take CBD Oil For Sleep

By Derek Edison

(The Hollywood Times) 8/31/20 – Sleep is critical to function optimally. Proper rest leads to the restoration and strengthening of the body. When we are sleep deprived, the consequences are significant. Poor sleep leads to weight gain, memory loss, anxiety, and depression, among other things. So, having an aid that promotes better sleep is essential to properly manage everyday life.

Poor sleep can result in unhealthy lifestyle choices, but uncontrollable circumstances can also be the cause. Regardless, it’s vital to address sleep issues to avoid creating unnecessary health issues.

Thankfully, with a growing body of research, researchers are finding more reasons to present CBD as a great alternative to traditional sleep medication as it causes no harmful side effects.

What is CBD?

Although cannabinol (CBD) comes from the cannabis plant, it does not have psychoactive properties. It won’t get high, nor can you overdose or become addicted.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the system in the body that manages several critical functions — from temperature to mood — to create homeostasis. The ECS uses receptors to create the right balance in moods, and it’s these same receptors that CBD interacts with to provide optimal function

CBD is proving to be a powerhouse for a wide range of chronic disorders and mental health issues. It is also proving to be a great benefit when it comes to sleep. The following are seven incredible reasons why you should consider using NuLeaf Naturals. 

CBD and Insomnia

Researchers have discovered that CBD has a double effect. When taken in low doses, it acts as a stimulant, thus being a perfect tool to gain more energy throughout the day.

Interestingly, with high doses, CBD can make a person feel tired and sleepy. Researchers believe that CBD does this by interacting with the receptors that affect the sleep and wake cycle. 

CBD and Nightmares

It can be hard to stay asleep if you have experienced some trauma, mainly if it manifests itself in nightmares.Effective CBD tincture can help by minimizing dreams.

Researchers believe that CBD minimizes REM sleep. This is a critical part of sleep as REM is the stage where you process memory and dream. While eliminating REM sleep permanently is not beneficial, stopping REM sleep for a short time will provide respite from persistent nightmares. 

CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety can permeate every part of the day and leave you feeling drained and unable to function correctly. For many, bedtime is the worst part of the day, with worries from incessant thoughts.

As a result, panic attacks can be experienced before bed. With a heavy chest and shallow breathing, it can be hard to fall asleep after such an episode, but CBD can stop this detrimental cycle

Thanks to its effects on the receptors, researchers have found that CBD can encourage the body to produce more serotonin ­— the natural mood stabilizer that controls several things, including emotions.

CBD and Pain

Whether it is chronic or temporary, as a result of an injury or surgery, pain can lead to poor sleep. Researchers have performed multiple tests on people and rats suffering from chronic pain caused by disorders, including arthritis and multiple sclerosis.


What they observed was a significant drop in pain and inflammation once CBD was administered. Moreover, there were no visible side effects. 

CBD and Epilepsy

It can take hours to feel like yourself again after suffering from a seizure, and it can be hard to fall asleep. CBD can help with this, as well. CBD can encourage sleep and provide a sense of calmness, but it has also proven to be an effective medication for epilepsy.

In a study on this disorder, researchers found that CBD was useful when other prescribed traditional medication was insufficient. It acted as an accessory to conventional medicine and increased its effectiveness.

CBD and Cancer

Dealing with cancer is hard enough, and no one should suffer poor sleep caused by the side effects of chemotherapy and surgery. Besides decreasing pain and giving a person a sense of peace, CBD can also ease side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

CBD and Addiction

A craving can be hard to beat, especially in bed, with no distractions as it can inhibit sleep. In a limited body of research, researchers have observed encouraging evidence of CBD being able to help. They observed that it could lower the cravings of opioid and tobacco addiction due to its “therapeutic properties.”

Before Starting Your CBD Journey

Although it is proving to be a powerhouse with no harmful side effects, some people have experienced nausea and diarrhea after taking CBD. It is essential to start with a tiny dose and see how it makes you feel initially. Moreover, seeking medical advice is always a good idea to ensure it doesn’t affect other medications you may be taking.

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