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Caucus Awards 2021

By Ali Mushtaq

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) – According to the Caucus Foundation’s Press Release, “The Caucus Foundation is the non-profit work of The Caucus, dedicated to scholarship support, financial grants and mentoring of a diverse group of talented students, to help them build their futures in all forms of content creation.” With its mission that focuses on philanthropy and diversity, 2021’s Caucus awards recognized multiple actresses, actors, producers, and other industry professionals. This year, the Caucus Awards continues its tradition to foster diversity and mentorship specifically by recognizing industry leaders and up-and-coming talent.

The Caucus Awards 2021 was hosted by Grey’s Anatomy’s James Pickens Jr. Actress Octavia Spencer honored Reese Witherspoon, founder of Hello Sunshine, and Lauren Neustadter, Hello Sunshine’s President of Film and Television. Caucus Co-Chair Robert Papazian honored director, writer, Aaron Sorkin. Emmy winner Nicole Kidman honored Danish director Susanne Bier. Donna Langley honored actress and executive Marsai Martin.

Alfonso Ribeiro honored Chairman Vin Di Bona with the prestigious Caucus Legend Award. Shaun Cassidy honored Gail Katz, Professor of Cinematic Arts at USC, the Mary Pickford Endowed Chair, and the Faculty Chair of the School of Cinematic Arts with the Educator of the Year Award. Caucus Co-Chair James Hirsch honored St. Louis Community leaders and philanthropists, Jeanne and Tom Townsend, with the Caucus’ Humanitarian Award.

Alfonso Ribeiro hosted the 2020 student grant awards. Among the Honorees, Caucus Awards 2021 recognized the following for their collegiate achievements in filmmaking and content creation: Myra Aquino (UCLA), Damon Laguna (USC), Tessa Germaine (Chapman University), Christine Cho (Chapman University), Kathryn Boyd-Batstone (USC), and Mel Orpen.