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CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE’s Latest Album ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ Available Now


“CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE is a musical dream. She never disappoints. Her latest album ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ is solid, eclectic, refreshing, and well-crafted.” – Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

“CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE’s new album ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ is a must to add to your music collection. This is definitely not one of those albums that you can play in the background of your day. Each song on CARRiNGTON’s album is vibrant, thought-provoking, and interesting to listen to. She captures and keeps your attention with her stand-out vocals and interesting musical arrangement. Everyone will enjoy this latest project. It screams unique!” – The Josie Show

“A haunting yet lilting melody converge upon Carrington’s voice and set the scene for a chilling, melancholy, yet beautiful song by one of the most creative artists working today.”
Matt Bailey, Senior Reporter, TheMusicUniverse.com

“With the country now coming back together, what an amazing album CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE  is giving us all at this moment. ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ contains songs that will fill your heart, spirit and give you hope.” – Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times

CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE Zoom Interview with
The Hollywood Times (Photo THT)

Check out the interview MacDUFFiE had with the Hollywood Times about her latest single “Under The Sky” and upcoming album Sweet Little Mystery – Click here

AUSTIN, Texas – Standout indie singer-songwriter CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE’s new album Sweet Little Mystery is available now. MacDuffie’s artistic vision captures a truly unique stance on how music is perceived. Sending each listener on a self-guided journey, MacDUFFiE seems to play on familiar human emotions but transcends them with universal elements often bypassed in everyday life. After months of anticipation, fans can finally get caught up in the lyrical experiences CARRiNGTON has created with every track, including popular singles “Under The Sky,” “Baby Played Me,” “The Kiss I Didn’t Get Last Night,” and more! Sweet Little Mystery is available to download and stream on all digital platforms now!

CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE (Photo 2911 Media)

MacDUFFiE was recently interviewed by Newsmax. To watch CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE’s interview, visit HERE.

“There’s a lot of sexy energy in this record, that gives shape to the sounds, the lyrics, and the rhythms of the songs, and permeates my voice,” shares MacDUFFiE. “But within that atmosphere is a deeply spiritual message, that comes out of an intimate experience of life, a combination of the fiercest autonomy and the wisest surrender. Which is to say, I learned how to write these songs the hard way!”

MacDUFFiE is showing no signs of slowing down as she has been diligently working in the studio to record new music for fans to enjoy. As venues begin to reopen, MacDUFFiE is ready to share her energy with her fans and showcase her unique spirit on a stage near you. MacDUFFiE’s ongoing passion for the world around her manifests beautifully into this dynamic album, keeping fans on their toes for everything she has planned for the upcoming months!

“I have tremendous affection for every musician and engineer involved in the making of the album,” explains MacDUFFiE. “They all brought their exquisite artistry to match the level of the songs, bringing together the various genres and time periods, resulting in a newly realized future of sound, with impeccable elegance, gifted intuition, ethereal imaginative powers, and hard-assed ballsy skill. Which is to say, this record is vibrating at a very high frequency!”

Sweet Little Mystery Track Listing:
.01 Baby Played Me
.02 I Saw You Be A Man
.03 Precious Kisses
.04 Sweet Little Mystery
.05 Sweet Young Thing
.06 The Kiss I Didn’t Get Last Night
.07 Under The Sky

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Far-reaching influences of a lively musical childhood weave through CARRiNGTON’s unusual, hook-laden songs, and stand out in her new LP, Sweet Little Mystery. The spirit of independence runs deep in her lineage as well as in her music, with her forebears having fought in the American Revolution. This maverick spirit ignites CARRiNGTON’s journey and calling in life.

CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE (Photo 2911 Media)

A native New Yorker, CARRiNGTON’s love for music was sparked in early childhood while listening, dancing, and singing to the records that her dad, a huge music aficionado, was spinning — Teddy Wilson, Beethoven, Herb Alpert, Hudson River folk, Scottish marches, exotic World, classic rock, and the Beatles, among many other artists. She went on to study at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English.

As a voice actor, CARRiNGTON served for several years as the voice of Ancestry.com, and she has narrated over 250 audiobooks, including biographies of Joni Mitchell, Pussy Riot, and Jack Kerouac. She has also voiced various video game characters, most notably a shamanic Scottish dwarf in World of Warcraft.

MacDUFFiE has performed throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France, where she played at the popular club Belushi’s in Paris. Highlights in the UK have included shows and festivals in London, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Manchester, Newcastle, Llandudno, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Inverness.

CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE (Photo 2911 Media)

In the spring of 2021, MacDUFFiE released her single “Baby Played Me,” and she currently has recording projects underway in Austin, Nashville, New York, and Glasgow. The music video for the title track of her new LP Sweet Little Mystery has received over a quarter million views on YouTube.

Whether making music, voicing works of literature, training in small plane piloting, or savoring the zen-like concentration of target shooting, she is led by her passion for creativity, and, of course, independence.

“I think the purpose of life is joy,” says CARRiNGTON. “I see the world as one big art happening, and I love participating in it.”