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Care About Your Heritage this Holiday: Give Your Family the Africa Inspiration Calendar, by Kenyan Photographer, Davis Hidinks Oching

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/23/2020 –  One thing that the pandemic has taught everyone is that family and our core values mean EVERYTHING. Kenyan Photographer, Davis Hidink Oching is a committed corporate and a global citizen with a strong belief of reciprocity and the power of community. His captivating photos share a beautiful story of hope and love throughout the 2021 Africa Inspiration Calendar. The beauty of nature coupled with quotes from prolific Author, Dawn Airhart Witte, alongside graphic design work by Lamiae from Morocco,  is sure to brighten any space and uplift every soul.


Did I mention that $7 of each sale of the calendar goes back to the Desire to Inspire Foundation empowering communities and supporting women and children, influencing change and encouraging love in the world?


Tell us about the Africa Inspiration Calendar. 

The Africa Inspiration Calendar is one of the best projects that I’ve ever done in my photography career, many thanks and gratitude to The Desire to Inspire Foundation for all the support to make this calendar come out. The Inspiration calendar is made of beautiful African photos taken during a lockdown in Kenya. The calendar carries powerful inspirational messages from the best prolific Author Dawn Airhart Witte who is the Founder of the Desire to Inspire.

Do you have your favorite photos? 


All my photos are my favorites. I take time on my work so that I can come up with amazing photos. I believe in my work and love my job so much, so all my photos are the best, hahahah.

Why is this calendar so special to you and for your community?


This calendar contains all African images. By portraying these images to the world it is great for my community, because the images will attract tourists all over the world and that will create jobs in the tourism sectors. This calendar is special to me because with each sale of the calendar $7 will go to the DESIRE TO INSPIRE FOUNDATION project that empowers and uplifts children around the world so that they may live their happiest and most fulfilling lives, filled with meaning, kindness, and LOVE.


What did you enjoy most when putting together the calendar? 

What I enjoyed more when putting together this calendar was the love, support, and motivation I received from the DESIRE TO INSPIRE FOUNDATION. They are the best family ever, ever since we thought about this calendar we’ve been progressing well without any barrier and that’s just amazing teamwork.

Dawn Airhart Witte Founder of Desire to Inspire Foundation and Be Line Products

When people purchase the calendar what does this mean for you and your family?

People buying this calendar is one thing that I am praying for. I need to up-my-game in photography so I will need to get other tools. My family will never be the same.

Are you looking to work with others in the US on projects? What are a few goals in 2021?

Working in the United States is everyone’s dream, and am more than willing to work there on any project that comes my way. In 2021, I  have a plan of having a nice studio in Kenya that will be turned into a photography class sometime. I will use it to teach children the skills of photography. I also have a plan of visiting other countries to take photos of nature, lifestyles, and culture and show them to the world….remember the more shots I take the more the children are empowered worldwide.