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Can You Handle My Love?

by Kevin Dranoff

New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 2/27/22Walk The Moon has taken over as my new shower song.  The type of track that is upbeat and has me ready to take on the day knowing most people will not get me and cannot handle my love.  The band took its name from the Police hit “Walking On The Moon”.  They are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

They took the Universe by storm when they unleashed their hit “Shut Up And Dance”. Which has racked up 383 Million plus hits on youtube at the time I’ve written this article.  Their new hit “Can You Handle My Love” has less than 500K thousand views.  “Can You Handle My Love” is insanely more fun in my opinion than “Shut Up And Dance.”  Both songs smoke the Police’s “Walking On The Moon.”

I posted links for all the songs mentioned.  Please enjoy the sleeper hit “Can You Handle My Love” because it has really gotten my days started with a jolt of energy.  It’s like Katrina & The Waves “Walking On Sunshine” and Annie Lennox “Walking on Broken Glass” had a baby.

WALK THE MOON – Can You Handle My Love?? (Official Video)


WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance (Official Video)


Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)


Annie Lennox – Walking on Broken Glass (Official Video)