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CalmiGo is a Soothing Alternative to Prescription Anxiety Medications

By Valerie Milano

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/9/19 – Calm in your palm.  Is it a possibility? Until now, prescription medications may have been the only way to achieve this lofty goal. Anxiety is a staple of modern life, and many are searching for more holistic ways to deal with the tension of everyday problems and emotional issues.

Enter Calmigo. This little, smoothly designed device provides immediate, drug free relief from moments of distress and anxiety and stress, by regulating breathing patterns and stimulating the senses.

The Calmigo is a little pod-like device that can fit in your purse and go anywhere with you. It resembles a gentler, friendlier version of an asthma inhaler, and yes, it actually does fit in the palm of your hand.

And what about the science of it? Think about the last time you had a serious moment of panic. Perhaps you went online and searched for a way to calm yourself. Invariably, the most common advice is to simply pay attention to your breathing. Since rapid breathing, which often accompanies attacks of anxiety, depletes your body of oxygen, anxiety can get much worse if that breathing isn’t under control. And since panic doesn’t reason with anyone, it’s difficult sometimes to even do that.

The Calmigo breaks it down for you. As you learn to use the simple device, you’ll see how it adapts to fit your moment of distress. Calmigo also infuses it’s products with lavender, an aroma proven to reduce stress and anxiety through the olfactory system.

It’s a fairly miraculous little product, and one that creator and co-founder Adi Wallach developed because of her own personal struggles with debilitating anxiety attacks.  Rather than turn to medications, Wallach immersed herself in deep breathing techniques, yoga, herbal supplements, and other holistic measures. However, it simply wasn’t quite enough for those intense moments to be kept under control.

Wallach’s idea was simple: it needed to be something that people could rely on—could take on the go with them and help stop moments of anxiousness regardless of age, location, or technical abilities. And it’s not just beneficial for in-the-moment attacks of panic. Studies showed that using the Calmigo a few minutes a day can overall reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. That’s a legitimate improvement in quality of life through the minimization of the primary symptoms of anxiousness.

I found the Calmigo to be a soothing experience from the very beginning. Packaged lovingly and professionally, it’s something I’ll use frequently in my high stress job.  I highly recommend it.

Learn more about this remarkable and innovate product at www.calmigo.com

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