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Bunny Watts Burroughs CEO/Founder of King Watts Talent Agency

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/19/20 –

What led you to the entertainment business?

I started modeling in the 90s while living in Atlanta, and also worked as a Makeup Artist. I loved being behind the scenes. While on set as a Makeup Artist, the Director wrote my personality into a web series, “Ms. Fabulous.” That was me… ( laughing ) I wish I remembered that Director’s name. I returned to Alabama and continued working as a Nurse.

You have 20 years in the industry. What advice do you have for upcoming Actors and models?

Educate yourself about the business of entertainment, as politics are involved in all business decisions. Believe in yourself and don’t look to others to give your dreams permission. Most importantly surround yourself with motivated and inspiring people. I rely heavily upon my faith and relationship with God. I would recommend that to everyone. There’s no better friend!

You are the CEO/Founder of King Watts Talent Agency. What do you look for in talent?

I first opened in New Orleans, and not long after in Atlanta, as those were the markets in which I first began managing talents. It was an easy transition to becoming an Agent.

What will people notice first about working with Bunny Watts Burroughs?

People will notice my Faith in God and my no-nonsense attitude.
How has the industry changed?

The biggest change in the last few years has been with self-tape auditions. I represent Talents from coast to coast. You can audition from the comfort of your home, and upload your audition, whenever you have the opportunity. When my minor son started acting and training, we had to travel everywhere. We trained and worked with the best to build his resume. You had to be able to get around. That’s rarely the case now for auditions. Now you can have Skype sessions with some of the best coaches no matter where you live.

You can even get completely booked without ever leaving your home or your taping location.

Share some of your success stories for King Watts Talent Agency.

I consider my relationships with my clients to be the greatest success story. I encourage them to stay the course, and they learn to trust that we can work together to make their dreams come true. It’s not easy, but it is doable for all with hard work. They reach out to say thank you for believing in me when they book.

You are the Founder of Women in Film and Television Alabama. Why is this organization so important to you?

I’m proud to be the Founder of WiFT Alabama, headquartered in Mobile, with Birmingham WiFT, Montgomery WiFT, and Dothan WiFT, current Branches. WiFT is an international organization, which empowers and connects women and men from emerging to advanced careers in the entertainment industry.

I believe that it is vital to give back to my home state by teaching, training and making people aware of the many opportunities in the industry. As a nurse, I’ve worked as a set medic. I want to empower the people of Alabama to work as professionals in the film industry, and should the industry in our state grow to be anything like it has in Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, there will have to be inclusion and opportunity for all. No one group can successfully build this state’s entertainment industry. It will take training, education, and most importantly, working together against divisive politics.

How important is collaboration to you?

Collaboration is paramount. Success comes when talented, dedicated, and teachable individuals embrace what each other has to offer and agree to build a masterpiece.

Who should come to King Watts Talent Agency for representation?

I welcome all people; however, Talent should be ready to train, work hard, and be aware that all things come in due time.

Share your goals for 2020.

Although our agency is new, we are looking to add staff to service our rapidly growing roster.