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Breakthrough Pop-Funk-Soul Singer Art Auré Inspires with Single, “Keep On” Black Women for Biden Chosen Theme Song 

Art Auré (Photo Credit Domo Jenkins)

By Jules Lavallee  

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/12/2020 –  On her moving new single, Keep On, fast emerging, powerhouse singer Art Auré wrote and co- produced an uplifting track that is both personal and universal, extremely timely yet timeless in its emotional heft and inspiring message of positivity, hope and tolerance. Keep On, out now on all platforms, is from Art’s forthcoming debut expected later this year. Keep On is exploding into the mainstream: the group Black Women for Biden has selected the single as its theme song for its GenZ/Millennials events leading up to the November presidential election.


ART AURÉ merges breathtakingly beautiful and passionate vocals with a brilliant fusion of pop, funk, and soul, taking her audience on an inspirational, emotional journey. Her music focuses on positivity and empowerment. It is intensely personal yet carries a universal message. It is timely and timeless.

Your new single, Keep On, was selected at Black Women for Biden for its GenZ/Millennials events. Tell us about the inspiration for this song. 


The inspiration behind the song Keep On is that we are all going through something. We all need uplifting messages of encouragement. I am all about empowering people through my music. Keep On is one of those songs that you can listen to whenever you need the message.

How timely is your song? 

Keep On is timely because of everything that is going on in the world today. 2020 especially has been a rough year for us all with the coronavirus, unemployment, the racial divide in the country, and so much more.

Where did you derive your stage name? 


ART stands for Always Remain True and AURÉ stands for energy. Together, Always Remain True to the Energy. My manager David Kenneth Sommerville and my brother came up with the name. That is what I represent. That is what my music represents.

Art Auré (Photo Credit Domo Jenkins)

Who are your musical influences? 


Musically I am influenced by countless musicians. I love Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sade and Prince. I am a big fan of Anderson Paak and Pharrell as well.  Beyoncé has always been one of my favorite artists as well. There are too many to name. We will be here all day.

Your message of self-empowerment and your intensely personal journey is evident in your music. Share a part of your song that will resonate with others. 


In Keep On, I sing ‘Every day is a battlefield feels like the world is after you. You gotta put your armor on. You will make it through.’ Put on your superhero cape, or your work uniform, or whatever it is that you do every day to fight your battles and get to a place of ease.

How are you combining your love for the Arts with helping others? 

I am a huge lover of the arts…every form. I attended the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC. I just participated in their fundraiser for the arts department over this past weekend. I am collaborating with different artists and spreading as much knowledge about the music business and music in itself. My purpose in life is so much bigger than me. I have it in me to spread genuine love.

Good Times is a serious bop! My brother Nabeeh Bilal and I wrote the final version that you hear, and it was co-produced by Ronnie Collins and myself. It’s a positive, fun, and uplifting song. The up-tempo groove will get anyone dancing. I am inspired by a lot of 70’s music so this is definitely a nod to that great era of music.

My vision for the future is to live in a peaceful world without racism or hatred. I plan to make history and tour the world with packed out stadiums (post corona of course) bringing people together from all over the world.


Instagram @artisworldwide



Official Video link to “Good Times” music video.