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BottleRock ‘Riveting, Must-See’ Set: ‘CIMAFUNK burns down every stage he touches…truly life-changing James Brown-level sh!t’

Following A GRAMMY Nomination And Numerous Critically Praised Festival Appearances

CIMAFUNK & La Tribu (‘The Tribe’) Bring Their ‘Must-See’…

‘Truly-Life Changing’… ‘Most Exciting Live-Show of the Year’

BottleRock 2023 – Sunday, May 28th-ALLIANZ Stage (4:15pm)


The most riveting performer I’ve seen in decades… Transfixing & transformative. 

An artist with spectacular cross-cultural musical chops, irrepressible dance energy and an innate sex appeal that make a star… A churning cyclone of sound… 

Impossible To Follow…  Cimafunk just burns down every stage he touches

…some truly life-changing James Brown-level shit. Do Not Miss!”  Sample Live Reviews 

“Must-See Acts At BottleRock… Cimafunk [is] Creating The New Sound Of Cuba & Redefining Latin Alternative… with an energetic intensity that has drawn comparisons to James Brown… A funkadelic force to be reckoned with… Cimafunk has exploded on a global scale. The GRAMMY nominee is now a trailblazing creator whose music unites Afro-Cuban rhythms and African American funk.  With his nine piece band, Cimafunk’s live shows feel like full body funk therapy”- GRAMMY.com 

“Cimafunk is known for having one of the most exciting live shows of [the year]… perpetual showmanship and natural ability to hear music in everything is Cimafunk’s signature… Rather than simply showcase his brand of Afro-Cuban funk, El Alimento, goes further, [placing] it squarely in conversation with American funk, rap, and soul, drawing out a connection that’s always existed between Black art forms in the U.S. and the Caribbean… the album charged with radical energy, is bound to keep pulling listeners into Cimafunk’s magnetic orbit… crisscrossing the globe, winning fans over with his electric stage presence” – ROLLING STONE 

“Cimafunk Stuns Suwannee …the enigmatic Cimafunk is on a rocket ship to international funk hero status… with vibes as high as the moon, this was a deeply intoxicating experience… Cimafunk hopped behind the wheel of the Mothership. He hot-wired that archaic spacecraft, and drove the teeming Resonate massive into a frenzy with a display of unrepentant mojo. Backed by a super-tight band punctuated by Latin percussion and bouyant horns, Cimafunk as a frontman, bandleader, and main event was nothing short of a revelation; a bolt of torrid, tantalizing lightning from the moment he commandeered the stage through the band’s final bow.”– LIVE For Live Music 

“Cimafunk has been crisscrossing the U.S. and building up the folklore around his legendary, unbelievably wild live set… a supercharged blend of traditional and progressive Caribbean rhythms, full of horns, funk, and disco… one of the best sets in festival history, and some truly life-changing James Brown-level shit.”  – Creative Loafing Tampa 

“Cimafunk is going to change your life. The Cuba-based singer’s infectious Afrofunk set with his expansive band was nothing short of a religious experience. Transfixing and transformative, you left feeling like a completely different person… They were ridiculously entertaining [and] make your head spin with the array of instruments they seemingly pull out of thin air… Their driving rhythms and intense grooves made them magnetic. It was exhilarating and virtually impossible not to dance along with them. It was this flurry of passion and excitement that was surreal to witness. The whole thing felt like an out of body experience.”  – WXPN 

“Cimafunk and his band, the Tribe, set the bar high blending Caribbean rhythms, horns, funk, dance moves and a full-fledged onstage party. It was impossible to resist dancing, and fans ran over to join “- Variety 

“Cimafunk doesn’t just put on a performance, or a set of songs. The incendiary Cuban ignites sound, moves mass – physically, psychically, communally, spiritually… the roar of the house after the first number shook the air. the bandleader shook, rattled, and rolled –– while loosing trills, hoots, shouts, his voice a percussive trigger on the group’s Gatling-gun funk. Bass solo, big beats, and bounce fever alighting the audience, [while] dozens of fans ended the set onstage. A Lifeforce emission”  – Austin Chronicle 

“a churning cyclone of sound …an ecstatic blur of hard funk, island rhythms and copious swagger. one of the most euphoric sets in ‘ACL’ history.. cements Cimafunk’s status as a rising global phenom” -Austin Statesman 

“MUSICAL HIGHPOINT of the 2022 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.. Living up to the hype – Cimafunk, the ‘Bruno Mars of Cuba,’ presided over nonstop funk dance… A churning, active rhythm section, sassy horns and the undeniable charisma of the band’s namesake frontman made it almost impossible to stand still. With horns, hand percussion, percolating bass, relentless rhythm, they cranked out churning, airtight funk with an inherent sense of fun… It was a hard act to follow” -‘ Tweet: Cuba’s @CimafunkOficial  just destroyed the Congo Square Stage  Super-tight funk. Killer band. –NOLA.com

 “NOBODY could have followed CIMAFUNK. This was one of the most riveting performances I’ve seen in the past decade, maybe several decades. Absolutely astonishing in its power and magnificence… Imagine stirring into a pot P-Funk, Los Amigos Invisibles, King Sunny Adé, Bosq y Orquesta de Madera, James Brown, Fela Kuti, and Irakere. What you’d pour out would be Cimafunk. STUNNING” – Musicfest News 

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