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Book Review: Shoe Leather and Business Cards

By Elizabeth Carbe

Santa Clarita, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/23/19 – Shoe Leather and Business Cards is an inspiring and very down-to-earth story of one man navigating life through the prism of dyslexia. Larry Vaughn, the author and subject of the book, takes the reader on a journey of his life beginning in his early teens up to the present. Navigating his business and personal life while hiding the
fact that he was illiterate and suffering from severe dyslexia, Larry Vaughn carefully structures his life embracing his limitations and using all his natural attributes which allow him to cover up the fact that he cannot read or write.

Starting out methodically, the book establishes the initial academic difficulties Larry faced in school. It quickly picks up as it leads you through his business and personal ups and downs. The story also creates a bit of angst as the reader wonders if this is
going to be the moment where the world discovers that this well-established and highly-regarded businessman is illiterate. Shoe Leather and Business Cards shines a light not only on the problematic side of dyslexia but also on unexpected positives
that can arise from the condition. Showing the dyslexics’ unique world perspective can have a very positive outcome in business and life. It also focuses on Larry’s indomitable spirit against some pretty frightening odds, and ultimately presents a personal triumph over adversity.