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Bob Mould – Teragram Ballroom

Story and photographs by Jimmy Steinfeldt

Bob with his Fender Stratocaster

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/6/21 – Bob Mould put on a great show at the Teragram Ballroom Saturday night in Los Angeles. Highlights included when his amp blew up (for at least the 2nd time on this tour) and an encore with Fred Armisen.

I’ve been photographing Bob Mould for 35 years and his guitar slinging has always been amazing. I’ve been honored to have my photos appear in his triple CD Bob Mould + The Last Dog And Pony Show + Livedog98

Bob happy to be performing again while his crew replaces blown amp

Mould’s show spanned his entire 40+ year career including songs from his band’s Husker Du and Sugar as well as from his recent album Blue Hearts.

He performed 26 songs at the Teragram (see below). Mould was insistent that everyone wear masks and virtually everyone did. He said he wanted everybody to stay healthy and he wanted himself and his band to be able to safely continue to tour. He said he missed the audiences for the last 18 months.

Bob passes the mic to his drummer for comment.

He made funny comments about his amplifier blowing up and asked his bandmates to comment if for no other reason than to pass the time as the new amp was put in place. When his drummer Jon Wurster said he couldn’t comment because unlike the bass player (Jason Narducy) he had no microphone. Bob gave him his mic.

Bob and his band rock the crowd

The amp was quickly replaced and the show continued. Bob was in great voice and as always tore up the place with his unique version of Punk-rock/Hard-rock guitar wizardry. The show ended with actor-comedian Fred Armisen joining in on the Husker Du classic I Apologize.

Bob with Fred Armisen

For more on Bob Mould check out. https://bobmould.com/

Teragram Ballroom set list:

Next Generation, American Crisis, Fireball, Forecast of Rain, Password to My Soul, Sinner and Their Repentances, I Don’t Know You Anymore, The Descent, You Say You, See a Little Light, Sunny Love Song, Celebrated Summer, Hardly Getting Over it, The War, Voices in My Head, I Fought, Sunshine Rock, If I Can’t Change Your Mind, Something I Learned Today, Chartered Trips, Siberian Butterfly, Flip Your Wig, Hate Paper Doll, I Apologize, Makes No Sense at All, New Day Rising.