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Bliss Lights is the Spark You Are Looking For

By Valerie Milano

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/2/19 – Make your bedroom an endless galaxy of stars. Flood your yard or landscape with potent ambience. Infuse your party with a popping array of color.

When you purchase a product from Bliss Lights, you’re getting more than just a light, or a set of lights. You’re getting an entire mood experience, and it’s one you definitely want to have.

Bliss Lights sent me a sample, and I haven’t stopped enjoying the unique novelty ever since. You really are, after all, bringing home magic.  And whatever your preferred brand of magic,you’ll love what you get.

The company offers the Skylight (project a galaxy of green stars against a moving blue nebula); the StarPort Laser USB (transport your own universe of stars with you anywhere you want); or the BlissBulb (projects a luminous starfield onto any space or surface–this one is energy efficient and weather resistant.)

Looking for something a little more high end? The company offers the BL-15 for the professional-minded, a compact laser projector that creates a nebula of moving stars on any surface. It creates thousands of moving pinpoints for a truly dizzying experience. For the lighting professional and event planner in Hollywood, the BL-50 creates maximum coverage instantly with easy plug and play functionality. It’s perfect for any large event, including dances and weddings.

Their patented technology, originally developed for the holy grail of light shows, theme parks, has been redesigned to be easy to use, energy efficient, and affordable for your home  or private party. Because they only utilize only the highest quality lasers, their products last longer, shine brighter, and provide better coverage than competing brands. The difference is both remarkable, and noticeable.

With Bliss Lights, it’s not just about a light, or even the experience that light creates. Color creates unique different moods, and Bliss Lights does this with potent style.  Since I host a lot of parties and social gatherings, Bliss Lights could not be a more useful, or compelling, addition to the decor.

Learn more at www.blisslights.com