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“Black Series One” Debuts at the Gus Harper Studio on February 15

By: Sean Evans

Los Angeles, Californai (The Hollywood Times) 2/9/2020 – Los Angeles artist Gus Harper has been creating art as far back as he can remember. He was first inspired by his own mother’s paintings. Art became an important part of his life as a child. He has been working as a professional artist for the past twenty years. The artist consistently exhibits his new works as soon as he completes a series.  “I try to have at least one show a year (in Los Angeles). And all the work at each show is entirely new,” said Harper.
“Black Series One” exhibition will feature thirty five new works and an installation. The name of the new exhibition and series Is a continuation of a past show called “Fade To White.” At the opening for that show, attendees were encouraged to wear white. Harper exhibited all white artworks. The reception, which was held in an all white space with white furniture also featured all white food.
Harper said he was excited to finally have a follow up show entitled “Black Series One.” “This is my most recent, cohesive theme. And as part of the fun, all the guest will be wearing black. The work itself is predominantly black but the theme still deals with personal evolution and the search for beauty, an ongoing theme in my paintings.” He is asking attendees to come dressed in black attire.
Harper’s work is often personal, and for this exhibition he taps into his own self evaluation. He strives to find the beauty in everything around him. Harper explains, “The stillness of the winter forest and the abundance of snow influenced the mood of these quiet paintings. Just as a mountain retreat can be a refuge from city life, these paintings are a silent sidestep from my normally vivaciously colorful paintings.”
Harper has created murals around the world, and recently returned from a trip to South East Asia. t was a successful art trip and it allowed him to collaborate with local artists and immerse himself in the culture.
Gus Harper

The artist reception for “Black Series One” is scheduled for February 15th (6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.), and will be held at his studio, 2900 Airport Ave. studio F, Santa Monica 90405 (the entrance is on the west side of the building). The exhibition runs through February 19, 2020; Call 310-699-9509 for an appointment. Find out more about Gus Harper and his artwork on his website http://gusharperart.com/