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Binge Watch Pick of the Day – Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith
Welsh actress Eve Myles from Merthyr Tydfil Wales.

On Roku, check out Acorn TV for the two seasons of Keeping Faith. The central character Faith, is a small-town Welsh lawyer who is forced to cut short her extended maternity leave when Evan, her husband and business partner, goes missing. As the truth of his actions surface, Faith must fight to protect her family and her sanity.

Real life couple -actor Bradley Freegard and actress wife Eye Myles
Evan and Faith of Keeping Faith are a real life married couple
This thriller is set in Carmarthenshire, Wales around Laugharne, a town on the south coast famous for once being poet Dylan Thomas’ home. Overlooking the estuary, Dylan lived in a boathouse with his family from 1949 to 1953.
The series was filmed back-to-back in Welsh and English for BBC Wales and S4C.  The episodes record the initial hours and days after Evan goes missing.  As Faith sets about searching for the truth behind Evan’s disappearance, she discovers that her seemingly idyllic home town hides many dark secrets that pose a danger to her and her beloved family and make her question how well she knows the man who is her husband.
The three children in the series are intricate players in the emotion of the suspended reality of ‘where is Daddy?’  Young actress Demi Letherby as the eldest daughter Alys adds to the inquisitive tension about her father’s disappearance. Well known Irish actress Angeline Ball who is known for her work on The Commitments (1991), Bloom (2003), and The General (1998) brings a troublesome Irish connection to the story. 
Eve Myles - Keeping Faith
Keeping Faith two season series filmed in both English and Welsh.
The seaside community is a beautiful country background to the many urgent driving scenes where Faith hurries to in her search of all the puzzle pieces to her husband’s disappearance, getting her children to school and childcare with her in laws and their issues. As well, Faith keeps serving her electric array of longtime town residents who need her legal representation. There are many twists and turns in this series that it is a definite binge watch series that becomes so captivating for viewers to watch more than one episode at a time.  
Keeping Faith
‘Big Little Lies meets Broadchurch’
The viewers who have experienced personal challenges of betrayal, disruptive relationships and mysteries, will find this series to be a memory jogger of their own trials and triumphs. It is a well written series created by Matthew Hall a BAFTA winning screenwriter and best selling novelist who began his adult life as a trial lawyer before landing his first TV writing mission at age 27 on ITV’s Kavanagh QC starring John Thaw.