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Bija Supplements are Pure Improvement For Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Audrey Rock, Associate Editor

San Pedro, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/16/19 – From the Sanskrit, Bija means simply “seed.”  The idea is that great things can arise from something small, and simple.

And from the beautiful packaging to the ethically sourced, plant based product itself, Bija produces blends I don’t think I can live without now that I’ve tried them.

Their holistic approach, geared toward mind, body, and spirit, catches the attention.  The idea, they say, is balance—a virtue Southern Californians embrace, and pursue as an entire lifestyle. And if you’re a journalist in Los Angeles (or a contractor in Ohio, or a nurse in Wyoming, or a teacher in New York, for that matter), these blends are going to speak to you in a way you aren’t really expecting.

Plant-Based Collagen, a botanical supplement to add to your smoothie, shake, or coconut water, promotes radiant skin and strengthens joints and bones.  Balance Blend enhances mood and calms body and mind, in addition to balancing blood sugar levels—something a certain anxiety-prone, deadline-obsessed writer can clearly benefit from.

Then there’s the weight loss blend, which reduces cravings and boosts metabolism, among other benefits.  The Passion Blend is formulated to awaken those tired libidos; and the Anti Aging blend detoxifies and rejuvenates. Whatever your complaint, there’s a blend you can add to your granola or nut butter to balance things out. Their practices are transparent, as well. Visit their site for a full list of ingredients used in the products.

My favorite part about Bija supplements are their versatility. Their site even offers up creative suggestions for recipes. Turns out there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the blends, and become better for it.  That said, there’s nothing really not to like about Bija supplements. Exceptionally clean (vegan, non-GMO, filler, gluten, and sweetener free), they’re just a nice, pure boost that you can add without even thinking about it.

It’s caused me to rethink my entire daily routine. Instead of a caffeine fix, there’s a Bija blend for Energy. Once you start thinking along those lines, you can simplify your habits with the purity of Bija supplements.

My suggestion (and I’m serious here) is to stock up.  Anyone around you is going to peek over your shoulder, and want to try a bit. So it’s worth getting enough to share.