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Big Sonia

By Cameron Enzor

coming to PBS

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/3/22 – A documentary approaches us. One with weight that can’t be measured. From the power of Evil comes the power of strength, and from the power of strength, comes Sonia, and those who share the same shoes. Who has walked before, and after her.

This isn’t your ordinary flick, this isn’t your go-to time killer. This is something more. So, this review will parallel such. I hope you enjoy.

Throughout our American culture, we aren’t often inspired to view something to learn something.

Our culture is shrouded with the business of entertainment so much to the point where sometimes even the presence of true Artistry is rare. There is a swindled perspective that has grown, which entails the definition of art to be that of a piece of fiction. Or to be something that only entertains us, or makes money.

When in reality, even during its conception, Art is as developed and if not more powerful than the politics that cover our headlines every day. It’s one of our truest forms of communication, more powerful than verbal, & right there with the powers of writing. It’s not often that we are privileged enough to introduce ourselves to something that can impact us as a human being that can teach us something. That can inspire us as beings & to encourage the embracement of the privilege of life that most take for granted.

Art is communication, and not a subsidiary. Big Sonia is a documentary that embraces all of this.

The story Sonia shares with us is an overview of her survival through the Holocaust as a youth, and the horrors she had experienced, and continues to through life as a product of it. But also, just as powerful, are the lessons of perseverance, strength, heart, and what it means to be human.

Such lessons are only acquired by the wise, the ones that have gone through the hurdles to achieve these lessons, and it is a mere privilege to be able to take in the awareness and knowledge as Sonia takes these hard earned lessons and GIVES us these powerful gems.

If society may get to you sometimes, if you feel at odds with factors in your external life, If you breathe the same air we all share, then this is a motherly lesson on what it means to walk the earth that you shouldn’t take for granted.