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Jonathan Rose

I want to introduce you to Jonathan and Tiffany Rose, the co-founders of Big Crowd Media. Jonathan and Tiffany are lending their expertise in pairing well-established individuals with businesses to create campaigns that won’t eat through an entire marketing budget.

Tiffany Rose

BIG CROWD MEDIA is a cross-promotion company that curates business for already established individuals and businesses by interconnecting each of their brands to cross promote accounts within the same career or similar profession.

By: Patrick Donovan – Author/Screenwriter

Seattle, WA (The Hollywood Times) 8/11/2019

“As a web developer, in my other life and with clients I have, BCM is a fantastic resource!”

– Pat Donovan

On Aug. 14, Big Crowd Media will launch their next Instagram campaign featuring Kyle Richards. The socialite and reality TV star will be posting one picture post and three video stories for 72 hours instructing her followers to follow @theluxlifenow and all the companies @theluxlifenow follows (the sponsors), there will be a total of about 65 sponsors once it goes live. The giveaway prize will be three high-end Gucci pieces combined with a Cash prize of $2500.

According to Big Crowd Media co-founders, Richards was the ideal choice for their next campaign. Not only is she one of Instagram’s most influential businesswomen and entrepreneurs, with 2.7 million engaged followers, her audience consists of affluent buyers who love brand engagement.

About Big Crowd Media, Inc.: Big Crowd Media provides new marketing strategies for businesses who are navigating the uncharted territories of their social media marketing on Instagram and strive to tap its truest potential. Co-founder Jonathan Rose has a background in business and marketing and has been a driving force in the quick development and deployment of loop marketing campaigns for the brand. He’s a big believer in this up-trending market which focuses on influencers and is proud to be at the forefront. Co-founder Tiffany Rose is a former actress and model who has graced the front covers of MAXIM and FHM worldwide and shot to fame in the UK on the TV show HollyOaks. Through her Hollywood contacts, she was able to create a network of A-list celebrities who shared her vision of driving celebrities Instagram traffic to corporate sponsors’ Instagram accounts. Big Crowd Media was born and has resulted in clients gaining tens of thousands of new customers with reported spikes in sales and engagement.

For those looking for more exposure through Instagram, Big Crowd Media is able to provide companies with this service. It looks at those who have an authentic and personal touch with followers but deliver a wide enough audience for greater brand awareness. This guarantees both high engagement/conversion levels as well as valuable reach.


As a Senior Software Engineer for over 35 years which is basically a glorified web developer for corporations, I know the importance of social media advertising to drive customers to your business 24/7/365.  Your website is no longer enough so you have to target your customers where they are found the most: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course, Instagram.

Being 58 years old, Instagram for me is a pain, and I’m being truthful here, because you can’t just upload photos to their site, you can only do that with your mobile device.  Perhaps I’m a dinosaur, but who cares, right? Kyle Richards, however, is not. She’s got a handle on this social media platform so much so that Big Crowd Media chose her to build out a power Instagram campaign and why not!  She’s has over 2.7 million engaged followers and as I write this, I just received an email (blind copy to me) from a customer on one of the websites I manage. This is fantastic because after I moved it from a hosting company that got hacked into and redesigned the site, the first thing that I took into consideration was the social media component.

This took over 3 months from the new rebuild and redesign which, through Organic Search Engine Optimization isn’t bad. With Big Crowd Media, however, you’ll get a tailored campaign that will not bust your wallet.  So, instead of me rambling on, THT put on interview questions that I sent to Tiffany and Jonathan who will let you in on some of the reasons why they started BCM and what their goals are for Kyle Richards which launches on 14 AUG 2019.

Questions for Jonathan and Tiffany with BCM.

THT: Hello, Jonathan and Tiffany. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions to add to the review of your company and your newest client, Kyle Richards. Your website and concept looks so exciting and fresh. Talk to me about what drove you to start BCM and why did you feel there was a need to create BCM?

TIFFANY: Hi THT! Being an avid Instagram junkie spending waaay too many hours on the gram, I noticed companies’ interaction and engagement skyrocketed anytime they hosted a giveaway to boost their online sales and show off their products. Whether you are selling Shampoo, Leggings, or you’re a Plastic Surgeon looking to show off your skills, giveaways on Instagram really are the best way to connect with your followers. A couple of my friends own apparel companies, they are startups, and it really got me thinking about how hard it is for them to grow their brand on Instagram with a smaller marketing budget. Compared to a booming brand, they can’t afford Kylie Jenner for one post and to tag them. The genius in Big Crowd Media is that we curate these celebrity influencer campaigns to drive the traffic of famous influencers into the client’s Instagram accounts, providing them with an organic and authentic audience to interact with their brand by the tens of thousands.

JONATHAN: Also, I have noticed that startups have fallen into the trap of buying followers, which is a big no-no for a few reasons. Firstly if you have 10,000 followers but zero engagement with comments and likes, people are going to realize that you have purchased these followers, plus Instagram keeps updating their algorithm that removes fake bots from people’s accounts and you could be exposed overnight – damaging your brand and credibility. Another strategy companies will explore is hiring someone to follow, follow, follow…as many people as possible in hopes of being followed back, to then unfollow them to keep your follower count high and your following rate low, masking the appearance that your brand is popular with the street cred to match. Not only is this time consuming, (and a waste of time!) you may end up with followers, however zero engagement occurs as these followers did not request to follow you, but you followed them in hopes they would return the favor. In the end, you’re not really interacting with the consumer that wants to see your product. With BCM platform we curate the influencer to match the brands demographic and provide an instant audience to interact with their brand, with proven results!

THT:  I’m an old guy, 58, and I have social media like FB, IN, and TW but I don’t really use them like the “Millennials” do. I don’t have the time and energy to expend. That being said, however, there’s Instagram and I don’t even touch that. Why is Instagram so vital to add to Social Media and how do you believe it “makes a difference” in driving customers/clients to a product, service or person like Kyle Richards, your new client?

JONATHAN & TIFFANY: I’ve always believed that the trend is your friend! When you really examine social media platforms today and want to see where the pulse is beating the strongest for online sales and branding for businesses, it is in fact Instagram. Instagram has proven to be one of the most lucrative social platforms available online for retailers, e-commerce entrepreneurs and online business owners, and the bigger the crowd looking at your brand, then a bigger edge for that business.

  • 50% of Instagrammers follow at least one brand on the platform
  • 75% of those Instagrammers will take action on a call to action (such as going to a website) after reading an Instagram post
  • Users on Instagram are 70% more likely to purchase a product online than non-users
  • And engagement with brands on Instagram is 10x higher than on Facebook and 54x higher than on Pinterest.
  • May 2017 Instagram made it available to sell and to purchase on their platform, with giveaways and swipe ups.

By driving our celebrity influencers traffic, example being Kyle Richards, whom we consider her audience Gold with an 87% female following with her highest interaction occurring in L.A, N.Y, London, Melbourne and Sydney. Brands that ship worldwide on Instagram and target a demographic age range, and even geo targeted populations can match up their client’s persona with the celebrity’s statistics, now that alone is an amazing concept but one that is actually being fulfilled through our BCM platform.

THT: For me, all this Social Media is noise, but it’s not, is it?  How is your business model different and how do you believe what you’re doing is unique, fresh and makes a real difference? What can BCM do for my company, for example, that your competition can’t?

JONATHAN & TIFFANY: BCM is unique, as providing you believe in your business/brand and what you are selling, we will push you to the forefront to utilize all that you have created. So whatever it is your selling on Instagram, now is your chance to be seen, in just one campaign without blowing your marketing budget. If you were to hire a celebrity influencer you would be paying in the tens of thousands of dollars and up with no guarantee of success or even gaining more followers! Followers are essentially what you need to support your brand, or as we say here at BCM “your followers are your currency”. Celebrities will take your paycheck and be on to posting the next brand the next day.  Our platform takes away the expense burden of saying “if we had the marketing budget we would” to level the playing field and bring the audience curated to your brand to you with minimal cost.

Rather than running through your marketing budget on PPC campaigns and banners, although we feel necessary in promoting your company and brand, there’s a missing link in this equation for many companies which is an authentic and organic platform growth of people seeing your products and services. In today’s “if you’re not first you’re last” business mentality, business owners are impatient and do not want measured results, they want instant results and instant gratification for dollars being spent. When talking to larger brands and established corporations, how they measure success, is based on Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and again our platform delivers just that, giving companies and brands a unique edge in the end goal of acquiring new customers for as little dollar spend as possible to keep their ROI high.

THT: What do you believe are the three most important key factors in social media advertising that people are missing? Here’s why I ask this question: I’m a senior software engineer and I build not just websites for a living but rather robust web applications that are tied to databases. I’ve worked for T-Mobile, Frontier Communications and Concurrent Computer Corporation just to name a few.  They rely on their websites and social media, but for the small mom and pop companies, they believe that Facebook is all they need and dispense with a website. I disagree completely.  Websites work for you 24/7/365 and social media is a compliment to that. Can you dispel the theory that most small companies have that websites are “not required” and that social media is part of the holistic package for companies?

JONATHAN & TIFFANY: Yes, websites are vital for all business, but ever since Instagram launched the swipe and shop, either taking you directly to the company’s website or the link to buy, it revolutionized the way people shop online. BCM campaign platforms not only pushes your Instagram to the top it also pushes your website to the top as companies websites are linked to their Instagram, SEO and marketing go hand in hand, and as Google continues to update their software algorithm measuring the success of your social touchpoints across your social media platforms, you want to encompass it all, for the strongest results.

3 Key factors we believe are missing even from established company’s social media platforms, with Instagram being at the forefront would be

  1. NOT posting enough content, content is Key in the Instagram world, one post a week will not cut it, and understanding how to use # Hashtags and utilizing the followers you already have to continue to engage with your products and services.
  2. NOT having a face to the brand, doesn’t necessarily have to be a famous person, but has to be someone that represents your brand, ethos and vibe and connects to your audience.
  3. Companies NOT realizing they may need to change with the times and focus on what’s current, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you do have to keep up with the pace. Keep it simple, marketing has become the easiest it has ever been for startups and companies, with Instagram giving you a worldwide platform to connect with an audience that will support your brand. Jumping in to BCM’s platforms help you do this, without breaking the bank, it’s not rocket science it’s genius!

THT: Talk to me about Kyle Richards and why you picked her up as a client? What is the main reason and how do you feel that Instagram will help her gain momentum? Furthermore, are you coupling her Instagram campaign to her FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and website for the complete package? How important are statistics and how does that help you in targeting the demographics for Kyle specifically?

JONATHAN & TIFFANY: We were delighted to work with Kyle Richards for this campaign, as we had a waitlist of clients looking for that perfect demographic which Kyle fit perfectly. We study and watch each of our celebrity influencers that we use to host our campaigns, not only is Kyle loved and well perceived, her followers engage with her and she interacts with them beautifully, and that’s what you call an influencer. Kyle’s demographic is Kyle! As in the brands that we signed up for this campaign are looking for Kyle type of clientele.  Our BCM team has executed this campaign perfectly. These campaigns are not coupled with any other social media platforms but rather Instagram as a standalone, as our customers primarily sell and engage on Instagram.

THT: Thank you so much for your time and I’ve looked over your site. Don’t be surprised if I give you a shout myself. One final question: What are your plans for the future with BCM and who is your next client in the wings, if you can give us a hint.

JONATHAN & TIFFANY:  Our pleasure, we cannot officially say who our next celebrity influencers are, but we will be announcing in the next two weeks, and what I can say, is that they are two celebrity A-listers, who are in the tabloids frequently and have a cult following in the millions.



Photo Credits:  BIG CROWD MEDIA