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Beyoncé’s moving call for LGBTQ acceptance

JAY-Z and Beyoncé’ had incredibly powerful speeches from this last nights GLAAD Media Awards. (watch and share on Instagram and Twitter!) JAY-Z and Beyoncé both spoke movingly about the LGBTQ people in their families who have influenced them, and issued a call for all families to do the same:

“We’re here to promote love for every human being, and change starts with supporting the people closest to you,” Beyoncé said. “So, let’s tell them they are loved, let’s remind them that they are beautiful, let’s speak out and protect them, and parents, let’s love our kids in their truest form.”

She finished her speech with a call to action: “LGBTQI rights are human rights.”

GLAAD is working every single day to ensure love, acceptance, and equal rights for all LGBTQ people. Will you join them? With just one day left until our March 31st end-of-quarter fundraising deadline, they need you now more than ever.

Donate $25 now to become an official member of GLAAD, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with JAY-Z, Beyoncé, and millions of other Americans in the fight for LGBTQ acceptance.