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By Tonianne Carriere
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/4/22 – Spread all throughout the Internet, a “golden girl” icon has proven herself even after her passing just two days ago, that she has always been able to make a difference.

This graphic of her, Betty White as you all I am sure know, has been surfacing the Internet with the hashtag, #BettyWhiteChallenge as the commonality.

The creator Nicole from the dogspotting society group on facebook (soon to be known as meta-verse), created this graphic with the intent to help animal rescues and animal shelters, in honor of Betty Whites name. Betty White was about to celebrate her 100th birthday dying of ‘natural cause’ 17 days short of.

This movement is very respectable and on January 17th, feel free to donate what you are able to (they are requesting $5) to help save our little best friends on the other side if the pond. #bettywhitechallenge

Author: Toniann Carriere