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Better Than Milk® Organic Beverage- Makes National Debut

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/23/2021 Better Than Milk® Organic Beverage makes its national debut just in time for March National Nutrition Month and April Earth Day and every day.  Better Than Milk, a trusted, plant-based milk alternative brand is made with only USDA Organic, simple, high-quality clean ingredients and is environmentally consciously packaged. Made from spring water sourced 450 meters above sea level in the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy, Better Than Milk offers a delicious and creamy tasting organic dairy-free milk alternative.  All five flavors which include Unsweetened Almond Drink, Almond Drink, Unsweetened Oat Drink, Unsweetened Rice + Calcium Drink, and Rice Hazelnut Drink are all USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, Plant-based, and Kosher Parve.  The entire line is free from Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Soy, Sulfites, Carrageenan, and Artificial Flavors.  Better Than Milk® is available here in the LA area at Erewhon We spoke with Lonnie Williard, Vice President of Marketing for PANOS brands, the parent company of Better Than Milk.

Tell us why Better Than Milk® is in fact, better than milk. 

At Better Than Milk® we believe that plant-based milk should be smooth, creamy, delicious, and nourishing to our bodies while at the same time remaining respectful to our planet. That’s why our drinks are made with the best tasting, responsibly sourced, sustainable organic ingredients, and our packaging is made from responsible and renewable sources.

Our line of deliciously creamy tasting, organic, non-dairy, vegan plant-based milk drinks, are non-GMO verified, and free of preservatives. Better Than Milk is also free from artificial flavors, emulsifiers, fillers, and doesn’t have any artificial stabilizers, like carrageenan or chemical additives which are commonly found in other non-dairy kinds of milk. Our plant-based milk has no filler ingredients, thickeners, and no sulfites or soy either, which some consumers also try to avoid. And we offer several varieties depending upon what kind of taste they are looking for, OAT, RICE, or ALMOND-based ingredients, so we have a flavor for everyone.

We think Better Than Milk is better in two distinct ways: Better for Your Body & Better for the Earth.

Better for your body because of the Clean Ingredients – All the Claims, Without All the Other Stuff…

We want you to feel good when enjoying our products and serving them to families/friends –All Better Than Milk products are:

  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan – Plant-Based
  • Verified Kosher
  • All our products are FREE from:

Dairy | Lactose | Gluten | Soy | Sulfites | Artificial Flavors | Carrageenan | Cholesterol

And the Origins of Our Sustainably Sourced Ingredients are very special:

  • RICE – from organic farmers in the plains of Northern Italy, Piedmont, and Lombardy regions near Milan; do not using pesticides so water run-off from the rice fields does not pollute the local streams.
  • ALMONDS – from Sicily, a southern Italian island full of sunshine. Organic farmers do not use pesticides. This is crucial to maintaining healthy bee colonies, whereas 99% of other almond drinks may source their almonds from non-organic California farms that use excessive water in drought-prone areas.
  • HAZELNUTS – fresh hazelnuts from organic farms in the Lazio region of Italy near Rome.
  • OATS – pure oats, naturally gluten-free, grown in Finland and Denmark on organic farms.

Better for the Earth – Sustainable Sourcing of Ingredients & Packaging

  • Mindfully Sourced – Thus Reducing our Carbon Footprint
    • Utilizing Italian spring water from the Lessini Mountains of Italy that flows directly from the source, as nature intended, into our production facility, instead of using other water sourcing methods.
    • Rice, Almonds, Hazelnuts are all grown in Italy, where our drinks are made – not sourced from around the world.
  • Made with Organic Plant-Based Renewable ingredients: Rice, Almond, Hazelnuts & Oats born from Sustainable Organic Farms committed to:
    • No pesticides or chemicals that would otherwise harm our local bee colonies and contaminate local streams and tributaries.
    • Self-sustaining farms focused on composting and on-site water replenishment, both leading to less water usage & according to researchers release 40% fewer carbon emissions compared to non-organic farms.
  • Responsibly-Sourced – Earth-Friendly Packaging made from renewable resources which capture CO2 & release oxygen into the atmosphere when grown
    • Paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified responsibly harvested from renewable forests
    • Net Zero – Carbon neutral – Bio-based, petroleum-free bottle caps made from renewable sugarcane, which are environmentally sustainable – only using rainwater to grow, not traditional irrigation
  • Multi-Serve Recyclable Package Size
    • Helping eliminate single-use waste, all our products are packaged in 1-liter multiple-serving cartons.
    • From Cap to Carton – 100% recyclable
  • 100% Shelf Stable – Convenient for stocking up, and also beneficial in reducing food waste compared to perishable products

Why was sourcing spring water sourced 1,500 feet above sea level in the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy, so important? 

Our plant-based drinks start with the simplest ingredients and combine them with Italian spring water that originates 1,500 feet above sea level in the Lessini Mountains in Northern Italy about a half-hour west of Venice.

Utilizing Italian spring water from the Lessini Mountains of Italy helps us reduce our carbon footprint, as water flows directly from the source, as nature intended, into our production facility, instead of using other water sourcing methods. We also benefit from fresh natural mountain spring water, as the mountain stream is the direct source right into the village, only filtered for sediment, leaving in all-natural minerals; no other facility has access to this mountain spring.

While most all the competitive plant-based-milk products use tap or distilled water and artificial ingredients.

I am a milk lover. What will I notice about Better Than Milk® right away? 

You will notice all the attributes on our package and unlike most plant-based milk products Better Than Milk is organic as well. AND once you try the product, you will notice how SMOOTH and CREAMY the product tastes.

Better Than Milk® is available here in the LA area at Erewhon. How is that going and where else can it be found?

Yes, Better Than Milk®  is available at Erewhon which is a very popular and wonderful supermarket in the LA Area. They only stock the finest products, and we are proud to be there given that our products resonate with their customers, looking for our better for you, better and better for the Earth commitments that we have in sustainability & renewability.

You can find more about where to buy Better Than Milk on our website and you can also order online and on Amazon.  www.drinkbetterthanmilk.com

Who will love this product? 

Everyone – whether you love vegan milk because you follow a plant-based diet, you’re looking to supplement your dairy intake for gut health or you care about our environment and want to do better for the planet. Our great-tasting, better for you, organic, plant-based drinks made from renewable and sustainable resources have a wide and flexible use! Try it as an ingredient in recipes; Cooking or Baking; Smoothies and Shakes; overnight oats or pouring into breakfast cereal.

And since Better Than Milk is shelf-stable, you can stock up and not worry about food waste OR running out of your favorite plant-based drink, when you need it most.  

Do you believe you are paving the way for the next generation? 

Yes, and for many reasons! People care about their bodies and the environment. This is true to the sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects of our products, and over the past year, the fact that our plant-based, organic drinks are shelf-stable has been extremely important to consumers when it comes to pantry stocking.

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