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Belt Wearers-The Only Belt You Will Ever Want to Wear- Hipsi

By: Judy Shields

WOW! What an amaizing product this is…

Judy wearing new hipsi belt and buckle (Photo THT)

As an adult, I truly have not been able to find a belt that fits me just right.

I was not blessed with a waistline and are somewhat built like a tree trunk.  But now, I have a belt that I just love and fits me perfectly and it’s invisible when I wear my blouse untucked!



Photo THT

So the belt is only invisible when you want it to be, otherwise, show it off. Check out their website for all the varities of colors and patterns.

With the holidays right around the corner, I tell you first-hand, get yourself one and buy one for all your family and friends that like to wear belts.  They will tell you it’s the best belt they ever owned.




Hipsi adjustable belt (Photo THT)

The hipsi belts are totally adjustable from the inside.. no more FLAP. Yes, totally FLAT buckle, which means no lumps behind your tighest T’s.  It won’t hurt your shirt, no more holes in your shirt and it FITS PERFECTLY!



No more tugging and they are totally fun with many swappable buckle options and four strap colors too!

Once you wear it, you will love it. Give it a day and you won’t want to go another day without a hipsi belt.



The belt and buckle come in a round zipped case, which makes it easy to travel with.

Hipsi belt and belt buckle in carrying case (Photo THT)