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Beck And Cage The Elephant Bring The Night Running Tour To Alabama

Britt Daniel of Spoon

By: Brian Maddox

Matt Shultz of Cage The Elephant

Photos: THT/Brian Maddox


Birmingham, AL (The Hollywood Times) 08/28/2019 – Charisma. Passion. Connecting with your fans. These are but a handful of tried and true ingredients crucial in keeping your audience
ensnared. To experience an artist loose themselves in their craft is a clear reminder that individuality is still largely welcome, if not encouraged. As a concert photographer, my job requires capturing those rapid, yet rewarding moments where the aforementioned “ingredients” seemingly become visible. My most recent endeavor was no exception.

Grammy Award winning artists, Beck and Cage The Elephant are currently co-headlining The Night Running Tour, with special guests, Spoon. While I’m not wholly familiar with the latter
two bands, I do however remember the period when Beck became prominent on MTV in the early nineties.. you know, back when MTV was actually worth watching.




Since forming in 2006, Bowling Green, Kentucky based Cage The Elephant have swiftly secured their position as one of several new pioneers in the rock industry. Their 2008 self titled debut hatched singles such as Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, Back Against The Wall and In One Ear, while eventually winning a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2015 with their fourth
album, Tell Me I’m Pretty.”

My first exposure to Beck was during an interstitial of new artists premiering on MTV back in 1993, in between episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head and Liquid Television. Then the video for Loser made its debut. Clearly not the “loser” he claims himself to be, Beck and his signature “lo-fi” style would propel him to release 13 albums over his near 30 year career, along with winning his first Grammy Awards in 1997 for Best Alternative Music Album (Odelay) and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance (Where It’s At).
It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I discovered I had been foolishly singing the chorus to Loser incorrectly for over 20 years: “Soy Un Perdedor” instead of “So I Opened The Door.” In the eyes of die hard fans of Beck, I guess that would make me the loser.